The Fed Is Blow-Torching The Economy With QE

by Dave Kranzler and John Titus, Investment Research Dynamics

The Federal Reserve exists for the sole purpose of enriching big banks…The Fed does whatever it takes to keep a yacht filled of failed executives and their friends unimaginably rich. If this requires an economy of 300 million people to be blow-torched, then a blow-torching is what that economy will get. – John Titus, “Bailout Films” and “Best Evidence”

My good friend and colleague has written, narrated and produced a short video showing – with data directly obtained from the Fed’s own website to support his analysis. There is almost a 100% inverse correlation between QE and the Labor Force Participation Rate. I was stunned when he showed the evidence. The only purpose QE has served is to keep the big banks solvent and to fund the massive pay packages paid to big bank executives. Please watch this video closely and pass it along to everyone you know – it is truly extraordinary:

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