BO POLNY: The 7-Year Stock Market Cycle is screaming GET OUT NOW!

by Bo Polny, Silver Doctors In a New York Kitco Interview of May 2014 (click here for LINK), the US stock markets were expected to not crash and continue higher into year end 2014 and Gold was expected to reach $2000. The US stock markets did not crash and did continue higher last year as forecast in May 2014; however Gold failed to reach $2000. The end of February 2015 is quickly approaching and what does cycle analysis indicate going forward into 2015 for the US Stock Markets and Gold?

First the Stock Market 2015 cycle, this past weekend on an interview by Jonathan Cahn titled “Does this Seven Year Cycle of Economic Crashes Predict the Exact Date of the Global Financial Collapse” (click here for LINK) is a must listen.

The 7-year cycle of Economic Crashes mentioned by Jonathan Cahn is clearly illustrated in the charts below.  The first chart is a 20-year cycle chart on the US S&P 500 and illustrates the first topping cycle began in 1999 and was 24-months (yellow box) in length, the second topping cycle began in 2006 and was 24-months (yellow box) in length, the third and current topping cycle began in 2013 and is now at the 24-month mark; notice the down cycle that followed completion of the 24th month (yellow box) both in 2001 and again in 2008.



Next, is a 20-year cycle chart on the US S&P 500 vs. the USD and this chart is screaming GET OUT NOW!


S&P 500 vs USD


The 24-month toping cycles (yellow time boxes) are even clearer when the S&P is compared to the USD in the chart below; the US Markets appear to have run out of time and the stage is now set for a 2015 Panic Cycle to begin.



Want more proof?  What does the great WD Gann have to say about a 2015 Panic Cycle?
See his Financial Time Table from 1909 below… He labels 2015 as a PANIC year too!




Second, what about Gold?

Gold’s long term cycle is analyzed on a quarterly basis off a yearly chart, the cycle forecast for $2000 in 2014 was early and a new high for Gold is still expected in 2015 with newly adjusted Gold TIMING cycles now available to subscribers at


Lastly, Mr. Harvey Organ recently posted an article title “Gold Raid to End Wednesday As China Returns From New Year Holiday” (click here for LINK) and the short term daily Gold cycle analysis would agree.  Platinum should be the first out of the gates, followed by Silver and then Gold.

Since the November 2014 low at $1130, Gold has continued to frustrate everyone in the early stages of a Break-out and Gold will continue do everything possible to shake-off all the Bulls.

Detailed cycle analysis will be covered in two upcoming presentations, the first in Singapore at the Mining Investment Conference March 18-20, 2015 and the second at the Mines and Money Conference in Hong Kong March 23-27, 2015.

The trade is on Silver, due to the current Gold:Silver ratio at 73.4.

Exciting times ahead for all Gold and Silver stackers,

Bo Polny

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