It’s Clear Why Gold Should Be Better – Jim Grant

from Kitco News Gold Stock Analysts’ keynote speaker is Jim Grant and Kitco News sits with the interest rate guru himself to see how he sees central bankers affecting gold prices this year. “My hunch is that [the Fed] will be very slow to raise its rate,” he says, adding that it will prove to be difficult for the central bank this year. “I think central banks are mainly marching to the same beat of the same drummer. The drummer is of radical intervention,” he says. Looking to gold prices, Grant says he is frustrated because he sees “clearly why gold ought to be doing better.” He says he can’t imagine how anyone can have confidence in the current doctrines of central bankers. “It seems to me that the world will eventually see that these policies are non-starters, or if they are starting they won’t end well…that for me is a simple case for gold.” BONUS VIDEO>>> Gold Better Than Swiss Bank Account The man behind the magic of Gold Stock Analyst joins Kitco News to discuss mining companies, the current gold price and why he thinks investors are more likely to own the yellow metal than a Swiss bank account. “Gold doesn’t have a negative yield, it does better than a bank account in Switzerland,” Garrett Goggin, analyst at GSA, told Daniela Cambone. Despite the expectation of continued volatility, Goggin says he sees an opportunity for gold investors to come in the Spring. “We could potentially get a gold wash out during spring – April or May – which could be an amazing buying opportunity,” he says. DOUBLE BONUS VIDEO>>> Yellen Won’t Lift Any Weights – Frank Holmes Join Kitco News on this special edition of “Gold Game Film” with Frank Holmes from Gold Stock Analysts Investor Day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Holmes shares his thoughts on the mining industry and gold prices in front of an eye-catching backdrop on the Fort Lauderdale marina. He says investors will need to keep an eye out for Thursday’s consumer price index data. Talking on the Federal Reserve, Holmes says he doesn’t expect much from Fed chair Janet Yellen’s speech on Wednesday. “I think it will be very moderate, I don’t think [the Fed] will lift weights,” he says.

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