The Legacy of a Silver Stacker

from The Wealth Watchman

Hello warriors.  Since I was gone over the weekend, a fellow shield brother, The Solution, has offered some thoughts on stacking for your consideration today.   Thanks!


What is the most important factor any stacker needs to consider?

I have spent a great part of the last 4 years learning the lessons of this world.  Lessons like how the world is ruled by pathological, arrogant individuals that have no mercy and no qualms about crushing you under their heel fiscally for their benefit.

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As I had last written previously here, I really didn’t come looking for trouble, but was merely searching for a way to get myself out of the financial predicament that I had allowed myself to get into. Finding these things out has altered my destiny forever. For one thing I am more fiscally sound then I ever would have been: paying down debts and saving solid silver bullion has become a staple for me. More importantly, my family’s financial future is secured outside the dollar monetary death trap.

Even though every currency in the world (especially gold and silver) have been under pressure due to a rising dollar, all parabolic moves end badly… and our patience will be richly rewarded.

Because that it is true, I think it may be a hidden blessing to find bargain prices silver gold purchases as a result of this USD uptrend. By the way, if you have been stacking for a while maybe you (like myself) have really gotten tired of the same ol’ coins from the US MINT (part of their strategy may be to bore you to death!)


Yes, by all means, if you wish to purchase eagles, go for it! I am not against such a wise thing. But honestly, when I first got a look at the 2014 Perth Lunar Horse, I couldn’t say enough about the superior, aesthetic qualities of it.  Every one of these beauties I have purchased has the look of a proof coin and it comes contained in its own plastic capsule. Worth every dollar spent in my humble opinion.

There is no way I would sell this coin for less than 10 times I have purchased it at!  When I look at this 2 ounce coin, I at least see $500!

Maybe that is a bit demented on my part, as we aren’t to think in dollar terms, but it keeps me motivated when we are constantly dealing with MOPE from TPTB, COMEX, Fed, or fill-in-the-blank, elite bad guy.  So you have decisions to make and you are on a time table… what are some things to consider if you are just starting out as a stacker vs. an aging veteran?

Your Most Precious Planning Tool

When I teach exponential growth and decay in my math classes we use the function:

exp growth

Where Q(t) is a quantity of stuff at the given time(t), and that quantity increases (growth) or decreases (decay) over time.

Your quantity isn’t the most important factor here. The most important factor is time!

Financial Disclaimer: I am not an investment advisor, so I cannot give advice to you on how to invest your money. You need to do your due diligence to determine if silver is a wise choice for you.

If you are young and considering silver as an investment, use your age to your advantage and spend small amounts every payday as your salary allows; “pay yourself first” as the saying goes. gives you an idea of value of 90% silver coins. Actual prices may vary according to availability and/or popularity. As of today the silver value in a 1964 dime is about $1.20 and a 1964 Kennedy 90% half dollars are worth about $6. This is a great place to start your collection!

Remember, you will not win any awards for paying your bills early (much less on time.) AVOID accumulation of debt and credit cards as much as possible. I wish I’d had someone explain these things to me 20 years ago. In fact, I remember getting an email from our mortgage company thanking us for doing business with them and wishing us, “Seasons Greetings!” Wow, that and 2 dollars gets me a fancy coffee but does it help the bottom line?

If you are middle aged and have the means, then go for it! Start stacking as high and deep as you dare! The clock is a ticking!

If you are past your mid-life crisis(like myself ), and realizing that time is beginning to catch up, you need to do some soul-searching, and determine what you want for your family and future.

Recognize that you cannot take it with you when you die; whatever IT is. You fill in the blank. IT has no value beyond the grave, so use wisely your ability to choose.

With that understood, know that I do not live and die for the white metal. No. Silver is a powerful tool and from where I am sitting, it is a tool that God Almighty has gifted us, in order that we may have the power to protect ourselves.

Only a fool and/or a coward would not use a tool that is readily available to them to defend themselves and their families, from the financial onslaught that is coming upon this world monetary system.

Given that silver is the most undervalued commodity, quite possibly, in the history of the world, it is a NO BRAINER to put your $ where your wealth SHOULD BE. We are trading the soon-to-be-worthless, in exchange for the virtually priceless…. is there a better trade available???


FOCUS: Keep your eyes on the size of your growing stack of silver not on the movements of the price. I know that The Wealth Watchman has emphasized this in his blog over and over again. Yes, it would be nice to see a big percentage move to the upside on the ticker with silver next to the big green arrow on a regular basis!!! Don’t count on it.  Expect any gains in terms of dollars to be given only as TPTB are squeezed inexorably between the rock (growing demand) and the hardplace (dwindling supply).

If you already have a large stack, be generous with what you have attained. I try to(sometimes I fail) always give a silver coin to family members on special occasions. Giving generously out of your surplus will just add to your stack. I have never given or lost ground here!

DESTINY: I am going to assume that, Lord willing, I will live at least until my father’s former age of 70 before I pass from this world. That gives me about 22 years to make most of the time I have remaining. Some of us reading this text today may not live out the year 2015. Let that sobering thought sink in.

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As a fellow warrior, while there is still breath in me I will stack. Every silver coin I collect is a strike against TPTB ! I will share, I will love my family and serve my community.

LEGACY: Finally fellow warriors, what is it that you want to be said about you when you have left this earth? In all sincerity, I am hoping that they my family would speak of me in a manner similar as to what the great apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

There is no better fight, in my humble opinion, than protecting your family in every manner possible using every tool at your disposal. Lastly, remember this is a long distance race, keep a steady pace, do your best and forget the rest.

What about you? What drives you, and keeps you stacking? Do you have a favorite coin? Why? Let us know in the comments. Thanks again for reading and God bless you.

-The Solution

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