Silver Doctors – Does this Seven Year Cycle of Economic Crashes Predict the Date of the Global Financial Collapse?

by The Doc and Eric Dubin, Silver Doctors NY Times Bestselling Author Jonathan Cahn of The Harbinger & The Mystery of the Shemitah joins Metals & Markets to discuss the 7 Year Debt Cycle of Economic Crashes that has gone viral in the alternative media: 1. Could a 7 year debt cleansing cycle called The Shemitah (literally The Collapse) explain the majority of financial crises in US history, and predict that the next major crash may be only months away? 2. Cahn explains how WWI, England abandoning in the Gold Standard, The Great Depression, WWII, Black Monday, The 9/11 Market Crash, & the 2008 Financial Crisis ALL can be tied DIRECTLY to this debt cycle year- many down to the EXACT DAY! 3. Does the debt cycle PREDICT THE EXACT DATE for the coming Global Financial Collapse? 4. Last two US financial crashes occurred on the EXACT DAY predicted by the Biblical date of WIPEOUT- and the CYCLE WAVE PATTERN IS GETTING STRONGER! 5. Could we see not only a dollar collapse, but the fall of America as a nation and empire in 2015?

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