Holographic Illusion – Tools Used To Enslave Us

by Michelle Walling, Zen Gardner According to the three-part video series The Golden Web, this holographic illusion we are living in is derived from a super computer on Saturn that works with the moon to control every aspect of our lives. Time, words, and money are all interweaved to create an energy siphoning system that is more complex than most people realize. If the information shared in these two videos (at the end of this article) is accurate, then we just may have identified soul-utions to stop us from being tricked into slavery. The Wizard behind the curtain John Lash has identified the Archons as being the artificial intelligence that is the driving force behind the Illuminati alien agenda that dominates and controls the planet. Although the Golden Web Series does not identify the ET’s behind the curtain, for the purpose of discussion we will call “The Wizard” the Archons. We will not discuss where they came from or when they came at this time, although you can read more about that here. We will, however, discuss what is obvious in our lives- there is a complex web of deceit and control that has completely engulfed the planet (plan-ET) through manipulation using tools that trick us into using our free will choice to be enslaved and drained of energy. According to the Golden Web Series, the human spine is a huge antenna that receives information from the super computer on Saturn. In essence, this computer is said to be the interactive “game” or ill-usion that we are experiencing. We also communicate back to the super computer through our “golden honey” spinal fluid by transmitting packets of information. This system keeps track of how much energy you have invested into the “system”. This includes actions like paying taxes, voting for a president, slaving away at a daily job, and similar energy siphoning tools that can quantify and accumulate energy tabulation. The way our eyes work is that images are viewed through cornea and then the pupil (student) inside the iris, which works like a shutter on a camera. The images we are seeing were actually upside down before our brain turned them right side up. This is very fitting for the program, as everything seems to be backwards in this hologram and everything is like a movie. What we are experiencing is an upside down and backward overlay in our reality that is a fabrication. The archons could not create this from scratch. They used the existing earth biological template as well as few versions of early human experiments on Earth from other planets (the hardware) and created overlay software (apps). Realizing that these apps mixed reality up to where everything is backwards is the key to freedom. Father Time Father Time (Chronos, Saturn, Satan) is a brilliant manipulator. Time keeps us locked into the work week where we get to the week-end and are gifted a break to recharge our batteries so they can begin to suck our energy again on Monday (Moonday). We are locked into time, and the late Jose Arguelles said that Lord Pacal’s message to humanity is that we need to live without “manmade” time as much as possible. You can do this by not wearing a watch or having any calendars visible. On your days off, you can listen to your body when it tells you to sleep or awaken. Astrology may even be a part of the time controlling system used by the archonic programmers to tell us what time is coming up through the use of a calendar tracking system- the zodiac. The year was “reset” artificially from B.C. to A.D. by using a fake date that “Jesus Christ” was born. The Gregorian calendar was created by the Pope Gregory XIII in order to create the Christian Easter holiday. Before that, we had a 13 moon/28 day perpetual calendar, where the days of the moon (month) and the days of the week line up perfectly, week-to-week and moon-to-moon. The Gregorian calendar is very confusing and has made actual “time” out of phase with the Universe. The world also is split up into many time zones which is confusing and creates more false borders of separation. These are just some examples of how time can be manipulated. It is true that time was needed to combine space with time to know where we are in a linear fashion, but it is being manipulated and has been turned against us in every way possible. Money truly is the root of all evil Money controls everything. In the movie Thrive we are told to “follow the money”. War creates money and money creates war. We are caught in a vicious never-ending cycle of the snake swallowing its tail when we buy into the monetary system. Money causes distance and classification between people, greed, and materialism and therefore creates false power thorough ego. Moon-ey ties into time, as we punch the time clock (Chronos). Each of us has a database in the supercomputer as to how much energy we have given through money. The more energy we give to money, the more we are giving the consent to rule us with money. We are actually working for the money that we in turn give to the power mongers who have ultimately ended up with most of everyone’s money through this system. Money is fake- it is worthless coins and paper with a false sense of value attached to it. Paper money is printed with nothing to back it up. Most money is actually computerized and is manipulated through the banking system and powerhouse computer system called the stock market. Without money, everyone would be on an equal basis and we would be able to work together without governance to create lifestyles we could all enjoy without competition. The monetary system has to collapse and we have to pick up the pieces and rebuild a world based on love and compassion. It is unclear as to whether this will increase consciousness and move us into an alternate reality or whether by increasing consciousness we find ourselves in this reality. What is clear is that we have identified the culprit of control and we have to find a way to delete it. Continue Reading>>>

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