Germany Has A $62 TRILLION Problem That Isn’t Going Away: Deutsche Bank


At this hour all worldwide bank derivatives, which are trillions of dollars in debt, are tied to Deutsche Bank

News spread quickly Friday afternoon about Greece’ deal with “Euro Zone financial ministers” which purportedly provides a four month respite from “the day of reckoning.” But the “deal” solves NOTHING.

As Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics noted today,

Three weeks ago I wrote that the ECB and the Greeks would reach a “kick the can down the road” agreement – that everything in between would be staged grandstanding for the benefit of Germany’s restless anti-euro population.

We get it. We all understand that the PTB in Europe – and at the U.S. Federal Reserve – will do anything and everything in their power to prevent a total collapse of the Euro dream at the hand of insolent Euro zone rebel, Greece. But, is all they can do enough? What if the real problem is much bigger than Greece. What if the REALLY MONSTROUS nightmare remains alive and kicking in the derivatives market as we’ve long suspected?

Kranzler notes:

The real money wasn’t in the exposure to the Greek sovereign debt that everyone was blathering about. The real money is in the OTC derivatives connected to the Greek sovereign debt, the former to which big Too Big To Fail Banks have a huge exposure.

Dave’s words today certainly resonated with me because just yesterday I read this stunner from intelligence expert Tom Heneghan who reported the following:

It can now be reported that one trillion worthless euro currency derivatives tied to the Greek debt are about to turn the entire worldwide financial markets into a massive meltdown. Greece will soon leave the European Union (EU) and simultaneously collapse the German NAZI Deutsche Bank, along with shell accounts tied to the London LIFFE Exchange (reference the NAZI British Berenberg Bank).

Heneghan’s report, although plausible, lacked much quantifiable meat on the bone which left me debating whether to post it for our readers.

But less than 24 hours after Heneghan’s report Zero Hedge posted the news that troubled and massively over-leveraged Deutsche Bank just failed its “stress test” —

A bank which has €54.7 trillion, or a little over $62 trillion at today’s exchange rate, in derivatives – a number that is 20 times greater than the GDP of Germany –  just failed a central bank stress test due to lacking governance and risk management controls and, just maybe, has insufficient capital? What can possibly go wrong.

So Deutsche Bank can’t pass a fairly low-bar banking “stress” test that we’d be willing to bet probably wasn’t designed by the forthright and scrupulously detailed John Williams of Shadowstats… Hmmm… maybe Mr. Heneghan is shooting closer to the bulls eye than I first understood. Heneghan concludes:

At this hour all worldwide bank derivatives, which are trillions of dollars in debt, are tied to the NAZI German Deutsche Bank with the U.S. Fed and the Central Bank of Japan as counter parties.

Buckle up friends. This global economic house of cards may just stand on its crumbling foundations for another four months… but I wouldn’t want to bet $62 Trillion on it.

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