Alexis Tsipras Quickly Forms Unexpected Alliance Between Greece and Russia

from DAHBOO77 To those who have followed the EU, this is surprising and disturbing. He seems to be arrogantly distancing himself from the historical platform of the EU. Of course, Russia is not a member of this institution. Russian considers the EU to be an arch enemy, especially with sanctions being implemented against them by the EU. Business Insider reports today that “Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras has blasted European economic sanction on Russia over the Ukraine crisis. The left-wing firebrand accused Brussels of hypocrisy over the sanctions, saying it was unfair not to pursue Russian oligarchs with money invested overseas. “If you want to punish Russia, you need to punish all the countries where Russian multi-billionaires have invested their assets,” Tsipras told German magazine Stern. Even before his victory in Greece, Alexis Tsipras was warming up to Putin of Russia, and at the same time he was creating tension between Greece and the EU. On January 27th, his party spoke in Brussels about easing off sanctions against Russia. Greece has been a member of the EU since its inception, but the EU has always considered Russia to be a staunch enemy. Of course, the sanctions against Russia came after their invasion in Ukraine. Back in May of 2014, Tsipras said: “We should not accept and recognize the government of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.” source I have never read that the government of Ukraine has Neo-Nazis. Sounds like Putin provided the narrative from Mr. Tsipras.

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