A2A with Patrick Heller of Liberty Coin Service

by Turd Ferguson, TFMetals Report Even if you’re not a collector or numismatic enthusiast, I urge you to listen to this podcast. I learned a lot today by visiting with Patrick Heller. You’ll likely learn quite a bit, too. Among the topics discussed over the course of this 43-minute call: The likelihood of a new precious metal confiscation program. Which type of bullion is least likely to be counterfeited. The subtle differences between the recognized coin grading systems. A logical “ratio” of numismatics to bullion for your portfolio. And what about “junk silver”? From where is it sourced? How much of it is out there? Again, almost everyone will find something interesting in this call so I urge you to give it a listen when you have some time. Thanks again to Pat for joining us today. TF AUDIO INTERVIEW HERE>>>

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