Complete Breakdown of ALL Economic Activity

from The Web of Deception , Rory Hall and Dave Kranzler In todays episode we revisit the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) for the simple reason that it has hit an all time low. Last week the BDI was in free fall and now it has dropped off a cliff. This combined with the falling oil prices–which have not bottomed yet–are one of the truest signs of global economic activity coming to a grinding halt. If people are not shipping goods, then shelves must be full of product. If shelves are full then product is not moving. We take a look at the latest news out of Greece and the EU. An “ultimatum” was delivered to Varoufakis to which he replied “there is no plan B…”. The question that I keep asking is–what does Varoufakis have as a wild card? We all know about Russia offering help, but what else does he have in his back pocket? Maybe silver backing the Drachma as Hugo Salinas Price suggested back in 2012! What other possibilities could Varoufakis have waiting in the wings?! Dave seems to think that Greece and the EU are going to come to terms. Obviously, we disagree. Dave seems to think all this is just a show and the two parties are going to kiss and make-up. While at the same time, Dave admits that Greece leaving the EU would be the best thing for Greece. We do agree that Greece leaving the EU would be best for the Greek people!

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