Metals & Markets With Dave Kranzler: Silver Will Be Best Performing Asset of 2015! – Audio Interview

by The Doc and Eric Dubin, Silver Doctors


PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler joins the show as a Guest Host this week discussing:

  • Fund manager Dave Kranzler sees physical demand pushing silver higher; Silver has carved out a cyclical bottom formation and appears to in a solid uptrend  
  • Pullback from Jan 21st peak is blessing in disguise as silver starting to go parabolic
  • Consumer sentiment starting to turn down even as S&P 500 hits new all time high
  • Kranzler explains why Silver Will Be the Best Performing Asset of 2015!
  • Ukraine conflict will not end until U.S. changes policy
  • Greece and EU will likely come to some sort of agreement given “follow the money” (and resulting pain) analysis

    The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With Eric Dubin & Dave Kranzler is Below:

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Geopolitical events dominated the headlines this past week, but events didn’t have much impact on gold and silver.  When Dave and I talked two shows previous to today’s broadcast and following that Jan. 29th cartel smash of the precious metals, we noted that we expected metals to bounce back reasonably quickly.  I was looking for Feb. 9th as being the time-frame necessary to pass before we’d see a full healing.  I got the trade pattern right with silver, but not gold.

silver - feb 16 - 2015


gold - feb 16 - 2015

It’s interesting to see silver outperforming gold over that transition period.  Gold shot down and stayed down, but silver started to move in a more horizontal fashion — and that is occurring when economic reports have been weakening.  That suggests that tight supply availability for real, physical silver is having a more quickly realized constraint on the ability for the cartel’s ability to bomb silver to even lower prices.  Going forward, despite ongoing volatility, both metals should trade higher for the balance of this month.



Dave and I address the divergence between macro economic data and the stock market.  On Friday, ZeroHedge published two very telling charts – see above.  In this case, two pictures are worth more than two thousand words.  We truly are living in a manufactured reality.

Insert:  >

Speaking of manufactured reality, the truce signed after 17 hours of discussions in Minsk will unfortunately fail – just as last year’s Minsk truce.  It wasn’t long after last week’s signing of the accord that the West launched a renewed propaganda campaign.  NATO chief Stoltenberg renewed claims that Russian troops were in Eastern Ukraine, even though Europe’s independent OSCE stated that there were no troops.  Recently, none other than the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Muzhenko, said on Ukrainian Channel Five television that there were no Russian troops in the Ukraine, and he has no political incentive to counter this Western propaganda meme — and again, note that his words were unfiltered and can even be seen on YouTube so this is not an issue of RT or some other news organization putting a spin on this story.

As if the clown show from NATO wasn’t bad enough, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) fed neocon newspaper the Washington Free Beacon pictures Inhofe got from Ukraine Parliament members showing Russian troop movements in 2008.  Inhofe, quick to jump on anything that even hints at confirming is upside-down world view truly believed the b.s. story from the Ukrainian parliament members.

At this point, there can be no denying that America played an integral role in creating the turmoil that led up to the coup in the Ukraine, and had a direct influence during the coup.  Even President Obama slipped two weeks ago and revealed this fact.  No surprise, virtually no news outlet in the US picked up on this CNN-broadcast slip, but we covered it on The News Doctors (click here).

Dave Kranzler argues that nothing will change with the Ukraine conflict until the U.S. decides to change its position.  That may very well prove to be the key factor going forward.

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