Forget Your Neighbors, You Must Focus On Saving Your Family While You Still Can

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

Yesterday, I wrote an article which I found very difficult to publish because of its very dire consequences. Briefly, I explained how the ships carrying vital imports to American shores are not being offloaded. I offered a video of a Los Angles city councilman, as traveled about Los Angles harbor explaining how serious this crisis was becoming and that even if the goods we to be offloaded right away (e.g. February 9, 2015), it would still take 6-8 months for the product to be offloaded in its entirety.

Since 1968, the American economy has lost 86% of its manufacturing base. This is why cities like Detroit, Cleveland and St. Louis have collapsed, or will soon collapse, because of the lack of once prominent manufacturing industries. This all happened courtesy of the NAFTA and CAFTA Free Trade Agreements, which allowed corporate America to ship its jobs and manufacturing to the third world and then ship these products, now manufactured by cheap foreign labor, back into the country, duty free.

Yesterday, I also covered the fact that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is now trying to break the backs of what is left of American unions by forcing its trade rules upon the dockworkers as the TPP attempts to take control over the American economy. As a result, vital imports are backing up at our nation’s ports and shortages are on the immediate horizon.

Many in the Independent Media have spoken about the importance of the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is at an all-time low. The BDI is the one true measure of how the global economy is doing. and it is indicating that products are not being shipped.

More Bad News

Dozens of harbor truckers in Southern California have gone on record by notifying the Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement, as well as a number of prominent shipping lines, that because of the severe port congestion and labor disputes at West Coast Ports, they will not be held responsible for paying carrier-imposed charges for the late return of equipment. Even those who are ignorant enough to believe that we are not in the middle of an escalating crisis, should be concerned about the spare parts industry in America. The viability of Just In Time deliveries is not being imperiled.

As a result, American trucking is suffering irreparable damages to its industry because imports are not being moved to the final destination point. One inescapable fact that very few are discussing is that when truckers begin to financially fail and many drop out of the industry, who will pick up the slack if and when product finally begins to ship, there will not be enough truckers to distribute product and already unfolding shortages will be exacerbated.

America’s Drug Shortage Program

It is difficult to believe that the United States has a prescription drug shortage problem. In fact, there is even a Federal program designed to deal with the shortages.

The drug shortage rate in the United States is becoming problematic.

The drug shortage rate in the United States is becoming problematic and the scope of the problem is increasing.

To solve this problem, the only solution to import medicines from places like China and India, and what makes this a crisis? Seventy percent of all Americans are on prescription medications!

Tell Granny that she soon will not be able to get her blood pressure medication.

Tell Granny that she soon will not be able to get her blood pressure medication.

The Soon-to-be Food Shortages

The number of Americans which are dependent for foreign imports with regard to our food supply is greatly increasing. This factor along with dependence on foreign imports to supply American growing medical needs, constitutes a significant national security threat which potentially impacts millions of Americans when products are not shipped.



The Cognitive Dissonance Crowd Rears Its Ugly Head

I could continue to go on and on, but the picture is clear. If this import crisis persists for more than a week or two, with no relief, we will see shortages beyond belief. Yet, to some, they don’t want to confused with the facts. Consider the following two posters to my website who read my article detailing the catastrophic impact that the port crisis will soon have on American.

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