The New Precious Metals Bull Market Will Look Like 2009-2011 On Crack – Bob Moriarity

from The News Doctors CEO Technician: What do you see over the coming years in the junior resource space? Bob Moriarty: I think it will look like the early 2009 to 2011 period on crack, take that 2 year period and amplify it 2 or 3 fold. With the number of black swans floating around I believe that 2015 will be the year that people realize the system is utterly broken.’s Bob Moriarity did an interview with Scott Armstrong of Energy and Gold that is a must-read. Like Bob, I believe the gold and silver have bottomed and are marking time and building a big base from which to launch to eventual new all time highs: I would put at least 50% into physical precious metals. I see things on a daily basis that absolutely shock me; the change in the US dollar today for example, the change in the Swiss franc a few weeks ago, the instability of the Middle East and the banking system. I think it was Richard Russell who came out and said there is $199 trillion in debt worldwide. Much of that is not going to be paid back. We have $700 trillion of derivatives which is all leveraged bets, there are a lot of terrible things happening that are invisible to most people… You can read the rest of it here: Gold Bottom Is In… As Bob states, a lot of people are oblivious to what’s really going on behind the fairytale news thrown at us daily by the mainstream media. What IS becoming more obvious is the extreme manipulation by the Fed/big banks in the precious metals market. This is why silver eagle sales set a new record in sales in 2014 and have started off 2015 at a higher pace than 2014 started off.

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