How Much Gold Is Enough? | Alasdair MacLeod

from reluctantpreppers IN THIS INTERVIEW: – Why Gold is Money vs. Government currencies – Gold only grows at the rate it is mined (1-1/2 – 2%/yr) similar to population growth, so inherently stable. – Currency is okay for transactions, but not for savings – Price inflation is likely to accelerate in the next 5-10 years. – Inflation impoverishes people: Examples: India , Turkey – Whole of Asia is accumulating gold, absorbing all excess available supply for long-term assets, while the “modern” western nations are doing all they can to sell off like traders, – Gold as an investment is pretty good going forward, but as a saving-insurance-store of value: it’s unbeaten through history. – Gold is an insurance policy against the politicians really screwing things up. – Familiarize yourself with Austrian Economics – Don’t try to trade gold & silver – the big players own that game! – Think about how much gold & silver your family needs. – Why gold & silver is critical to have on-hand in a time of crisis. – Governments will seize whatever they need to maintain control. – Precious metals substitutes like GLD & SLV are easy for governments to seize. – Protect yourself by keeping your assets out of the banking system, some close at hand and some more outside the jurisdiction in which you live. – Which locations are the best for private offshore storage and why.

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