Please Listen

by Turd Ferguson, TFMetals Report At this critical hour, it is extremely important that you listen to this week’s Batchelor-Cohen Ukraine discussion. The diplomacy is frantic and events are moving quickly. Therefore, you need to remain as fully aware and alert as possible. Just think about this for a moment… The U.S. is very likely in the final preparations of an announcement to arm and train the military forces of the Kiev government. If this happens, it will lead to a dramatic escalation of the conflict and the ultimate consequences are impossible to predict. Just one scenario is described in this link from ZH: Frantic diplomatic efforts are now underway to prevent this. Consider this for a moment….just last week: Secretariat of State Horseface was in Kiev announcing that a decision on arming Kiev with NATO weapons would come as soon as next (this) week. Immediately, Merkel and Hollande fly to Kiev to meet with Poroshenko They then fly directly to Moscow to meet with Putin After a stop in Munich, Merkel flies directly to Washington to meet with Woody Again, take a second to consider those events. The leaders of Germany and France drop everything they’re doing and suddenly depart on a whirlwind tour of Kiev, Moscow and Washington? Do you not think we are at a critical hour in this crisis?? And yet the American media yawns and focuses on more pressing items such as the Grammys and Bruce Jenner’s upcoming sex change operation. Again please, I BEG YOU, listen to this entire podcast and then remain alert and aware. Pray that this doesn’t evolve into a wider war. However, understand the fact that, regardless of the outcome, these events are rapidly accelerating the world toward financial crisis and TEOTGKE. These are historic, yet frightening, times. Continue to prepare accordingly. TF More on John Batchelor here: More on Professor Stephen F. Cohen here:

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