Leaders are Losing Control Over the Economy

by C Serpa, Grams Gold TBTB have lost control of everything except large cap stock market indexes and the paper price of US dollar gold and silver. In the case of gold and silver, there is a finite amount of physical supply, both in the ground and above ground. The cost of production is far higher than the suppressed levels. This is why physical demand is at record levels and physical supply is on the verge of a historic plunge that will likely never be reversed. When I use the word TBTB, I am not referring to the Bilderbergs or Rothschilds or any other fabricated term for the “Boogeyman.” Sure, there are politicians and bankers that collude on certain issues. But there is zero chance that these groups are working together toward anything and have no chance of success if they were, said Andy Hoffman in a podcast. The Euro currency is not viable. Alan Greenspan said this week: Greece will leave the Eurozone and “ there is no way I can conceive of the Euro continuing. Only a handful of 7 Billion plus people can make the claim that manipulators have actually succeeded in suppressing gold prices. Outside of America, currencies are plunging and preparing for the ‘big one’ to hit, gold prices are at all time high levels and thus , said reader, feels angry at the US government’s heinous price suppressing actions. Readers in other countries see gold in their currencies at all time highs. “Greenspan said it was “just a matter of time” before Greece dropped out, triggering the eventual collapse of the single currency. Regarding the price manipulation of paper gold and silver, Hoffman goes on to say, “This will not change until they are overwhelmed with the reality of said physical shortages. And networks like CNBC are experiencing new lows in viewers as fewer and fewer people believe the propaganda. Also , there are all time lows in the approval rating of Congress and the participation in the stock market. This shows that those in positions of power in this realm are utterly failing in their attempt to maintain control. We are objectively in the final stages of economic collapse. Just this week, Richard Russell was saying that ‘Global debt has surged from 142 trillion from 2007 to $200 Trillion today, increasing 41%! Continue Reading>>>

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