Autism, Financial Theft and Complete Political Corruption

by Rory Hall and Dave Kranzler, The Daily Coin Dave’s site – Investment Research Dynamics Tuesday February 10, 2015 Greece is making waves, we learned that Jordan and Iraq are lining their borders with “1,000;s” of troops and Ukraine is escalating. What about the criminals back home? Good question. The banksters never sleep and the market action today on the DJIA, NASDAQ and S&P shows without question that if you have your hard earned currency in these markets you are playing in a rigged casino. We also learned that a judge in Italy ruled in favor of 6 year old child showing overwhelming evidence that vaccines created autism in this child. Of course you will never hear anything about this in the mainstream media–oh, yeah, there is a US media blackout on this story. Wonder why? Dave explains what is happening with silver. We break it all down and give you our take on what is happening and why. We hope you learn something and we hope you share with others.

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