Meet Loretta Lynch – Obama’s Next Attorney General

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics Anyone who still holds out hope that Obama will live up to ANY of his 2008 or 2012 campaign promises either has their head in the sand, refuses to criticize Obama out of fear that it would be “racist,” or is mentally disadvantaged. I have to hand it to Barack, he sure knows how to pick serial crooks to run the most powerful Government agencies. Even most Democrats with just a few actively functioning brain cells shy away from defending Obama’s previous AG, Eric Holder. Many even shudder with horror at the thought of him. But for those of us who thought it couldn’t get any worse than Holder, I introduce you – via Rolling Stone – to Loretta Lynch. Loretta was part of a wrist-slapping prosecution deal for HSBC that enabled the criminal bank to not only remain in the U.S., but to continue helping wealthy Americans avoid taxes: Continue Reading>>> featured image/

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