Preparing For The Worst Preparing to Survive and Thrive – Daisy Luther

by Rory, The Daily Coin Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper, author and publisher, spent a few minutes of her valuable time with me February 3, to catch up on the state of affairs as 2015 begins to take root. In late 2014 there were a number of people that expressed concern for 2015, especially the economy and the ongoing lies and propaganda to keep the ponzie scheme going. Now we have war drums beating louder and louder everyday. Will the US be hit with a dirty bomb or will ICBM’s begin flying over head from parts unknown? What about a natural disaster–have you planned properly for the one scheduled on… Well, if you’re like most of us you do not know the future. Our grandparents and great-grandparents called it good stewardship. Today we call it prepping. Prepping, I guess, is more festive. Whatever you call it, Daisy is here to help us do a better job of protecting our families and ourselves. Do you have food, security, barter items? Do you know where and with whom you will conduct barter; are you doing it now? Do you have a network in place of friends and family that will band together if there is a natural or man-made disaster? Say you don’t have any extra money to get prepared? Well, Daisy just published The Organic Canner that will help you fill your shelves with delicious goodies that won’t break the bank. Is it better to prepare for a disaster after the SHTF or before? Seems simple enough, but so many people don’t even know where to start or they believe that hope will make it go away. Just look at what happened in New York recently when there was a “blizzard” in the forecast and the next thing you know people are lined up at the grocery and the shelves are picked clean. One would think that after what happened with Sandy Super Storm that people would awaken and maybe, just maybe, have a few extra items around house. But, according to the news stories, sadly, this was not the case at all. 2014 finished with several of the people I respect believing this year would be pretty tough even if our economy holds together and makes it to 2016. Recently Eric Dubin said he believed we would experience an excelleration of events that could spell disaster on a global scale, during the middle months of the year. Specifically, from the end of the first quarter to the beginning of the third quarter, our economy could see major changes. Daisy lays bear what you need to do, when you need to do it and how to make your life easier. Let’s say all of the people making forecast for 2015 are 100% wrong. What harm will it do to have 6 months of food, medical supplies and other “everyday” items stock piled? Will it expire? Eventually; or you replace the items and send the soon to be expired product to the local rescue mission or give it to someone in college who is now completely strapped with debt. Do you seriously want to stand in line at the grocery, like what is happening in Venezula everyday, just to get todays rationed food or nonperishable item that is being offered? Think about it for a minute and allow the image of yourself doing without the “creature comforts” that keep your stress levels at bay, your mind working at a higher level and your spirit calm and relaxed. Doesn’t it make sense to begin preparing for life instead of allowing life to wash over you or wash you away with the masses?

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