SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 11: And Their Interesting Associates

by Charles Savoie, SRSrocco Report This presentation will be an anti-climax from #10 about the defeat of the Hunt-Arab silver play. I hope readers will find the information interesting. We’ll review 15 personalities from the 1980 Pilgrims rosters (scan above) who don’t appear to have had any direct connection to the downfall of the Hunts. This will give you more feel for the type of people who are members of this nearly unknown organization that stands at the highest levels of American and United Kingdom-British Commonwealth finance, industry, diplomacy, law and government. These are the world’s leading globalists whose interests are always advanced by brewing wars, and this is nothing new. Brown Brothers Harriman It’s not easy deciding which examples to exclude because most emphatically, there are many more than 15 interesting types available for examination. Examination—that’s funny, because these Pilgrims aren’t willing subjects for scrutiny, which is why despite the combined influence of its membership, the group maintains such a low public profile as to be bizarre. It isn’t strange that their preference as an organization is for concealment, because many of them are individually famous. How else can they best work against the middle class and the non-aligned rich but to conceal that they are a phalanx? Actually some of the names we’ll review may have played a role in the Hunt silver crash; but there may not be definite indications to this effect. 1) Linwood Parks Shipley (Pilgrims 1980 and other years) was a partner in Brown Brothers, Harriman & Company at 59 Wall Street. Shipley (1905-1999) was mentioned as having started his finance career at the National City Bank (now Citigroup) and moved to BBH & Company where he became a partner in 1953. We read— “Shipley supervised the lending business of Brown Brothers and its operations in such far-flung locales as East Asia, the Middle East, Scandinavia and Ireland. He was a member of several corporate boards, including that of the Manhattan Life Insurance Company.” We additionally notice mention of one of his sons in the link dated 1999 (the article left out the matter of both Shipleys being members of The Pilgrims) — “Walter V. Shipley, the chairman and chief executive of the Chase Manhattan Corporation.” Brown Brothers Harriman & Company traces to 1818 and is “the oldest and largest private bank in the U.S.” Continue Reading>>>

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