TDC Note – I am not a dooms-dayer nor a nay-sayer. I have posted this information here to, hopefully, spark some conversation. This material is way outside of my comfort zone and to be perfectly honest, my knowledge base. However, at the same time, people that are far more intelligent than myself have expressed great concern. This may be the most frightening piece of information that I have heard in my life time. IF this comes to pass, what will happen? If this machine is unleashed on the planet, will we survive? Will we all be evaporated? Stephen Hawking is no idiot and his warning, combined with Einstein’s warning, should give every person on this planet pause, especially the “people” making the decision to actually flip-the-switch. When will these sociopaths learn they are not God and need to quit playing God? Is it going to take evaporating our planet in order to make these freaks-of-nature disappear? What do you think? from BPEarthwatch PART II h/t

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