The Mimic of the Lost Intelligent Design

by Zen Gardner The mindset of the assumed “elite” who are behind the scenes masterminding our current matrix uses bastardized truths derived from long lost natural, clear and obvious understandings that once dominated and ruled our planet and its civilizations long, long ago. We are currently in the dark ages of human thinking and evolution. And that to a massive degree. Societal patterns and standards, including rituals, sigils and commonly held belief systems are merely dark manipulative shadows of once thriving day to day realities and long since passed advanced intelligent culture. It was on the surface much like ours, yet fully intelligent, awake and loving, while completely down to earth. No hocus-pocus or manipulation was intended or needed; their connection to real intelligence and simple conscious spirituality was profound and fully well intentioned. people media communications Imagine a simple, non intrusive organizational structure by a semi-remote yet present benign, lovingly motivated group of kind and conscious beings. All of it co-created by them with the understanding the same was true of the rest of humanity, and maintained via passed down guidelines and empowering knowledge designed to help individuals and communities thrive, and happily accomplish their designed mission. Happily and fully conscious. Now visualize go-betweens, representatives who took messages from the enlightened ones who were behind the central wisdom hub, loving and sincere and caring individuals yet loyal to the core enlightened intelligence. Not gods, but loving and caring enlightened representatives who once mingled but periodically retreated to a place of conservancy to protect and preserve the inner knowledge. It was a very down to earth lifestyle way back then, but profoundly interesting. Today these simple mechanisms for things as simple as getting water or simple, practical architectural structures were eventually hijacked. They eventually became occult forms and symbols of power and worship, later generations not even knowing they stood for the simplest of things while the hijackers know full well they were archetypes playing on our minds. water-wheel-2 So Very Easy to Hijack Over very, very long periods of time, as civilizations drifted further from the simplest original way of life, these precepts were twisted and perverted. Time and the temptation to counterfeit, just as any structure goes through as beings drift from the truth into controlling religious organizations, governing bodies, etc., perverted the original template. In fact, we are currently stone age compared to this simple, connected and benevolent form of intelligent organization our planet once experienced. This is what we are remembering. The intelligence was so natural and nothing at all “super natural”, it has only been made to appear that way since so much is no longer part of common knowledge. No doubt the spiritual was interwoven in such a way as to make it part of basic, natural life, while in today’s dysfunctional world under control by the current dark dictatorship of lies, these ideas have been fractured into separate parts of life. This dichotomy is one of the basic tenets of control, as manifested in the many black or white memes our current understanding is herded into. The freemasons are famous for using this separation, but ultimately anything anti-c0nscious does the same, causing separation at every possible level. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA How We Get Back – Remembering and Clearing the Fog Unfortunately in our current way of life there is this passed on active and passive aggressive structure, mimicking these very early societies. The problem is the influence and power is in the wrong hands. But the reason we are yoked with it is that this older system of civilization is deeply imprinted in our very nature, to follow these ancient ways, and they’re playing on this embedded memory in our collective subconscious which is why humanity resonates with much of the current program. Therefore what we are witnessing is ultimately a very clever imitation of a wonderful previous reality, but is really just an entropic progression used against a degraded race of hijacked beings following orders from a hijacking race, using compliant humans as tools to execute it. It’s easy to see how such a basic and fundamental structure could be perverted, especially over long epochs of time. Once the structure or control was weakened, parasitic mimicking fraudulent “ancestors” would wrest this imprint away from benign and benevolent leadership into abusive, self serving means. Power corrupts the weak and self serving inclined, especially when such forces see how easy it is to enact upon a trusting, already entrained population. This era’s corrupt Illuminati are famously mental and intellectual and consider themselves the awake ones, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they ruthless in their intent, they’ve been emboldened by usurping these powerful ancient paradigms of which they are aware, and they know what they’re doing. Hence the strong symbolism and references to this ancient past in their occult symbology and secret society nomenclature. All based on the sequestered truth about the power of the original, natural and humane pattern. Interesting? A type of garden of eden in our way distant past that’s been hijacked. As Jung would say, a very powerful archetype or set of archetypes, and something to play upon, says the invader. But we’re waking up from our long slumber. Continue Reading>>>

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