The Utter Lack of Dissent with Craig Hemke aka Turd Ferguson

from Perpetual Assets, via The Victory Report “It’s like 1938 all over again” ~ TF A year was far too long to wait to have Turd on again. I welcome him back! Join us for a discussion on the growing saga between East and West. Greece has now entered the equation as a pivotal battleground. The country’s new leadership seems to favor productive trade and commerce via relationship with China and Russia, rather than a path of debt slavery with the EU, surprisingly. The utter lies in US media get more extreme with every passing day. Top Ukrainian military deny the presence of active Russian troops while the white house and its media purport that Russia has invaded and we must supply Ukraine with arms, and therefore troops and training. The US people must awaken to thwart another attempt at war, I mean invasion, I mean war. As the currency crisis heats up, gold and silver continue to shine. There have been 15 major downward rate moves by central banks this year in an effort to continue false stimulus. Each stimulus is less effective, evolving into a perpetual hole of toxic debt requiring more and more of the same just to stay inflated. Drug or alcohol tolerance is a great analogy for this. The jig is almost up. Physical metals will ride out this storm, in fact they will likely be a foundation for money in the new paradigm. Craig believes a price bottom was realized in late 2014 and I agree, especially after seeing the physical market disruptions first hand (in silver). Precious metals remain the freest and safest place to put your money today.

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