Top Analyst Claims China Has Been Fooling the US for 50 Years

by Joshua Krause, The Daily Sheeple

Michael Pillsbury has been one of the government’s top experts on Chinese relations since the Nixon administration. For most of his career, he was very supportive of the country, and thought that it was in America’s interest to help them in any way we could. By offering them aid, he hoped, we would not only help push China towards democracy, but turn them into a powerful ally against the Soviets.

That all changed after the Tienanmen Square massacre, which was also followed by a wave of defectors to the United States. After interviewing these dissidents, he discovered the covert plans of the communist regime to surpass the United States on the global stage.

What’s most shocking though, is how old this plan really is. It is truly a multi-generational effort to bring down America.

The Chinese strategic deception program was launched by Mao Zedong in 1955 and put forth the widespread misbelief that China is a poor, backward, inward-looking country. “And therefore the United States has to help them, and give away things to them, to make sure they stay friendly,” Pillsbury said in an interview. “This is totally wrong.”

The Chinese strategy also is aimed at gaining global economic dominance, he says, noting that China’s military buildup is but one part. The combined economic, political, and military power is seeking to produce China as a new global “hegemon” that will export its anti-democratic political system and predatory economic practices around the world.

The defectors he spoke with (one of whom ended up being a double agent who was arrested in 2003) claimed the plan was referred to as “the 100 year marathon” among party officials. By all appearances, it seems to be working. We’ve spent 40 years establishing economic relations that favor China, and have shared our best commercial and military technology with them. What we have to show for it is a powerful militant nation that has recently surpassed us economically.

And the goal isn’t just to dominate us, but to replace the world order that has been led by the United States since the end of the Cold War. Granted, American hegemony is far from ideal. It is by all accounts, a ruthless debt fueled war machine that is holding back global prosperity. But somehow I doubt that a Communist Chinese world order will be an improvement on our present situation.

And that is why Michael Pillsbury has since released a book titled The Hundred-Year Marathon that in his own words “sends a message to China: We’re not as clueless as you think.”

Among the numerous revelations that are found in the text, he reveals the true nature of Nixon’s visit to China in 1972. The event has long believed to be an American effort to co-opt China, but in reality was instigated by Chinese generals to pit the United States against the Russians, in a way that would protect them from a Soviet takeover of Beijing.

The book also reveals how China has covertly influenced our government to give them favorable trade relations after the Tienanmen Square incident, how dominant the anti-American factions really are in Beijing, and how Chinese hardliners are influencing China’s current president.

Chinese hardliners promoted the book of Col. Liu Mingfu, “The China Dream” that is the inspiration behind current Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s increasingly Maoist policies. Other writings by hawks reveal a future China-dominated world will that values “order over freedom, ethics over law and elite governance over democracy and human rights.”

He writes at length on a number of military technologies that China has developed to counter America’s most powerful weapons, how they’re planning to manage the United State’s current decline, and how they’ve been propping up our enemies financially.

But at the end of the day, the Chinese regime really isn’t all that different from our government, or even the Russian government. They have a different method to their madness, and are on an alternative course towards global domination, but for the rest of us who are watching this from the sidelines, the end result is the same. Economic and military domination of every nation on the planet, and centralized control by a select elite at the expense of individual liberty for the masses.

It appears that for our generation, the enemies of freedom are cunning, ruthless, and abundant throughout the world.

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