Cracks in the Debt Bubble and World War III Has Started – Gregory Mannarino

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog Analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino says, “We are deeply engaged in an economic war against Russia. This is a collective collusion that is very scary. We just found out the OPEC nations have increased their production of oil despite the fact that we’ve seen crude oil fall 60% or more from its high. Does that make any sense? This should not happen. They are going to increase production when the price is falling off a cliff. OPEC has made it clear for many years now they think $100 a barrel is a fair price. This is being done on purpose to punish the Russian economy. This is economic warfare 101, and it’s going to lead to a shooting war. Not only is it going to lead to a shooting war, this is the grand plan. . . . What people need to understand is the collapse is here now. World War III has started, so this is it people. There is no more waiting.” Mannarino goes on to say, “We are watching epic events occur. People have been saying for years, where is the collapse, where is it? It’s now. Look at the actions of the world central banks. They are becoming more and more desperate. They are slashing interest rates, and there are negative interest rates. The Federal Reserve will follow suit despite the garbage that is coming out from the Federal Reserve Governors; it’s nonsense. There is no possible way they can raise rates.” Mannarino contends, “Once a fiat system is adopted, it starts to die right from the beginning, and we are at the end of this cycle. We are witnessing the end of this cycle. This event that we are watching happen, and we can see it unfolding by the actions of the world central banks, this is cracks in the debt bubble. This event is going to create a resource issue on a scale that is unimaginable. So, we are witnessing the collapse of this system now . . . so, they are going to incite a war. They need to incite a war to begin the blame game. The Russians are going to blame the United States. The United States is going to blame Russia for the collapse of the monetary system. This is all they are doing. They are looking for a scapegoat here, and the war is going to be the scapegoat.” On the so-called “recovery” the mainstream media keeps harping on, Mannarino says, “The most important thing is to look at the bond market. What we are witnessing now is a flattening of the yield curve. This is a big tell as to where the economy is going here in the United States. The narrative from the mainstream media is we are in an economic boom. Everything is just great here. If that we’re the truth, we would not see the yield curve becoming flat like this. This is huge. This is the bond market talking. It’s saying, hey everyone what the mainstream media is telling you about an economic recovery is not true. A flattening yield curve is a bad omen of bad economic times ahead.” Continue Reading>>>

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