Obama administration a ‘fascist regime’: Activist

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US President Barack Obama presides over a “fascist regime” that attacks journalists and whistleblowers, says author Bruce Gagnon.

US President Barack Obama presides over a “fascist regime” that attacks journalists and whistleblowers to hide the “ugly truth” about the government, an anti-war activist and journalist in Maine says.

Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, made the remarks during an interview with Press TV on Saturday following accusations that the Obama administration is clamping down on journalists who expose misconduct by the government.

On Thursday, former CBS News investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson accused the Obama administration of treating journalists that “cross this administration” as “enemies of the state” who “will be attacked and punished.”

Attkisson, who resigned from CBS News in March, 2014 after 21 years with the network, lashed out at the White House and Justice Department for spying on her and blocking her various attempts to report on the activities of the US government.

“The surveillance and attacks on journalists by the United States government is a real sign of hypocrisy,” Gagnon said.

The American people “can’t be allowed to know what’s going on by this bully and fascist regime that we now have in power,” he added.

“It’s a different kind of fascism, it looks different from [Adolf] Hitler’s Brownshirts,” the activist explained. “This is a…three-piece suit fascism where they have a folded New York Times under their arm but it’s ultimately the same story.”

“The wedding of corporations and government is [Benito] Mussolini’s definition of fascism and that’s what we have in this country,” he noted.

According to a report last year by Reporters Without Borders, there was a significant decline in press freedom in the US due to increased efforts to track down whistleblowers.

The US plunged 13 places from 32nd to 46th in the France-based group’s 2014 World Press Freedom Index.


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