So, Are the Attacks Over?

from The Wealth Watchman

 It Happened

Well brothers, now that we’ve all seen the banks had indeed intended to ambush us, I wanted to take a moment to write a few things that I didn’t get to write last time.  I think a few folks may have mistook my intent in writing that warning.

So let me be clear for everyone.

I never write warnings because I’m either 1) despondent about price action, or 2) telling you to “hit the deck” and sell your silver or gold!  I’m not a trading service, and I couldn’t care less about the prospect of using silver to gain a pile of these:

Payback 3

The reason why I wrote it, is because I saw(with only a few exceptions) that most of the bloggers out there were writing about how wonderful silver and gold’s performance has been in 2015, with nary a breath about the banksters digging a VERY deep trench of shorts from which to counter-attack.  I watched those folks, astoundingly, write that the good times were back, and that the banks were on the run “due to the fundamentals”.

When I read this stuff now(from folks who will doubtless do the same thing again next time), I literally groan.

As I watched the commercial short position climb to a Mount Everest peak of well over 300 million ounces, yet continued to read these kinds of bewildering things everywhere, I could tell that many stacking warriors were beginning to really get their hopes up.  Again!

Back in September, I first wrote that I believe these price smashes aren’t what has drained our troops’ morale, so much as the “hopscotch”, happy-go-lucky, Pollyanna commentary which always insists that “the bull is back”(this time we really mean it!).  

So I wrote that warning to try to mentally prepare some of our warriors, who’d thought that the worst attacks were over.  I wrote it so that hopefully some folks might not celebrate prematurely.  I wrote it, so that when the latest smash came, our troops’ morale wouldn’t be pounded several miles below the earth(along with the price) when the banksters fired all the heavy artillery.

I’ve told you many times, that the main thing that makes me a bit unique from all the other precious metals commentators out there, is that I’m the only one(that I know of, but if you find another, lemme know about them, I’d love to grab a beer with them sometime!) who isn’t cheering for higher dollar prices.  Rather, I’ve come to literally embrace the downtrend and the price smashes, and I mean it.

That is not hyperbole!

While others are reading the charts, kissing their lucky rabbit’s foot, and wishing for price breakouts, I’m cheering for new lows in Comex silver!  I said this in my last warning about likely, imminent price smashes(which also was correct), as well as in several older series, yet, few seem to have really latched onto the thesis confidently.

“Watchman, how can you cheer for lower prices?”

Brother, it’s because, as I’ve said, the banks have maintained, and will continue to maintain complete control over our precious silver and gold’s price, so long as they can continue to meet deliveries.  The only thing that will break the Cartels’ spine, is by going “all in” to such a ludicrous low, that their stockpiles of real, touchable, honest-to-God metal is incinerated by our demand.

The fact that the banks sustained the downtrend in 2013, while accruing a 100+ million ounce silver deficit….

The fact that they even sustained this downtrend in 2014(all the way to $14), while probably accruing another 100 million+ ounce deficit, all says that their secret stockpiles are not yet out. Maybe we’re getting closer, but they’re not dry yet.

So, if that’s true, why on earth would we want them to hike the prices right now, brothers?

Why would we want them to be able to hold onto those secret stockpiles(and thereby their power!) through an orderly retreat higher, as they’ve previously done?

Until the day comes when their exchanges and bourses can no longer source adequate silver and gold to meet demand, the games they play will continue.  Period.

I’m done with their games!  

If a higher silver price means the Anglo-American bankers can continue their wars, their cons, their false flags, their provocations, their lies, their bribery, their drug trade, their threats, and their murder even just a wee bit longer….then I DON’T wanna see higher silver prices!

I don’t want to see higher silver prices until every last silver(and gold) ounce in their coffers is gone, and I mean it.

“So, what is it that you want, Watchman?”

I’ll tell you what I want!

I DON’T want to “make some dollars” in silver! To fiery blazes with dollars!

I DO want them to end their own games in silver for the rest of time.

I DO want honest money and savings to be possible again, throughout the world.

I DO want to live to see a time where London and New York can’t ludicrously set the prices for a monetary item for the other 7 billion people on earth!

I’m NOT “playing for dollars”.

I’m playing for keeps, and I hope you are as well!

Now that we’ve seen that indeed these bankers haven’t left precious metals, and they most certainly still have the power to crush untold legions of Comex specs with a casual wave of their algos, let’s ask the question on everyone’s mind:

What’s Next?

Is that all there was to it?  Was the move from $18.50 to $16.80 the whole shebang?  Well, it’s possible, of course, but I believe that our Enemy has “tipped their hand”, and proven that they mean to cash in on those new shorts they put on.

This is key:

They took us down to the 50 day moving averages for both silver and gold.  We’ll either hold these points, and the banks will be overrun, and panic cover upward furiously(like in 2011), or we’ll crash through in the days ahead.  It may not be an “overnight thing” either, but rather take weeks to pan out.

Let me ask you a question though: do you believe that Scotia bank and JP Morgan, etc piled their shorts up all the way up to the tippy-top of the moon, til all commercial shorts extended beyond 310 million ounces…….

Just to stop at $16.80?  

Cuz’ I don’t.

Do you think they wanna eat those losses on hundreds of millions of paper silver ounces?

Me neither.

Is it within their power to force the clueless speculators to eat those losses instead?

Most definitely.

Last summer, when all the bloggers announced that paper silver was “back and better than ever”, when we rallied to $21 (before I launched this Truth HQ)….I watched the banks pile up Comex shorts to roughly 280 million ounces….and I said to my relatives that paper silver was probably going down, and hard.  That’s precisely what happened.

It took a $7 dollar plunge, on that occasion, for them to finally cover roughly 200 million ounces of silver shorts.

Historically, these past few years, the banks have been satisfied to take down silver to whatever price they needed in order to reduce paper shorts to between the 60 to 80 million ounce range.

Brothers, if history is any reliable guide and “thumbprint” of their battle plans, and if they truly mean to cover most of those shorts…..then I got news for you: a mere downward move of $1.70 in silver ain’t gonna cut it, friend!

In the weeks ahead, we could be in for more brutal paper silver attacks just like the one we just saw. Now, sure, we may chop along sideways, or endure a few more false rallies a bit higher…but they’ll all likely end the same way.

“Watchman, I’m glad the sale isn’t over, I’d load up on silver if it hit $14 again.”

Fantastic, warrior, because I think you might just get your chance to put your money where your mouth is!

I wanna say this right now: we could easily see paper silver mauled to the tune or 4 or 5 bucks.  It could happen, easily!

We could, easily, revisit the lows in $14!  They could break the low of $14! I’m not saying this will happen, I’m saying, historically speaking, looking at the COT data, it could, and we should be mentally ready for it.

“Watchman that’s impossible, $14 is too strong a price support!”


Riiiight, just like $32 was….

And $26….

And $22…..

And $20….

And $18….

And $16….

Payback 6

Friend, I’ve tried to tell you: there is no such thing as “strong price support”.

The enemy owns the chart, the enemy is the chart.

As long as you keep believing in the Eastern Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and “strong price support”, then your psyche will be totally torched when they attack.

The only thing that will stop them, is if they look at their dwindling stockpile of metal, decide the jig is up, and “pull the plug” on the rigging. Nothing else matters.

Currency pegs don’t matter.  Negative interest rates won’t matter.  Brothers…

QE4 may not even matter either!

I recall vividly how everyone shouted that the prices of gold and silver would make new highs, when the banks announced QE3, and “QE 4evah”….

Guess what?

Gold was capped at $1800, silver was capped at $35, and then they were both taken to the cleaners for most of QE3!

Since we don’t know how much metal they have left, and since we can’t see their secret stockpiles, then hoping and wishing for higher silver prices is a recipe for chronic, personal despondency.

Please don’t do it!

They Want You to Focus on Price

Remember, their great weapon, their only real weapon… price control.  They want you, they NEED you, to focus on price direction, because that’s something they utterly control.

They want you to feel insignificant.

They want you to feel crushed.

They want you to feel dejected.

They need you to focus on silver’s dollar price.

As long as you focus on the things which you can’t possibly control, like price, they’ve got you!  All they have to do is apply just a little bit of pressure to the price, and:

Payback 4

So don’t give them what they want.  Again, as I’ve always said, please don’t focus on price….

“But Watchman, you’re talking about price right now.”

That’s not what I mean, I mean don’t let silver’s paper price direction determine your moods, and your convictions!

Turn their great “weapon” of price control against them, and make it your ally!  Focus on you!

You can control yourself, you can control your emotions, and you can control your decisions!  Hold fast, and if possible, buy more!  I know that’s not possible for some of you, I get that, but most of you got into silver in the first place, because you knew what was going to happen to dollars in the end. So don’t focus on dollars.


 I got news for the precious metal bears, the silver and gold bull market never ended.

“How on earth can you say that, Watchman?  Look at the price action!”

Brother, I don’t define a bull market as upward price action, I define a bull market as a cycle of time, in which public demand for something goes measurably, invariably higher, in a sustained way, for years!

That’s a bull market!

Demand for silver and gold has gone higher virtually every year since 2008, and hasn’t looked back.

So don’t focus on price widgets, for heaven’s sake, focus on the things that matter!

“Like what, Watchman?”

Like 44 million silver eagles sold last year.

Like Indian silver demand skyrocketing 15%(to over 7000 metric tonnes)!

Like record paces for Silver Maples and Philharmonics!

Focus on sales, on measurable, insatiable demand and the gruesome, unforgiving casualties that humanity is inflicting upon the bankers in silver and gold ounces right this very moment!

Warrior, if you can do that, and know deep within your self, that the bull market(the widening, growing demand) is what counts….

If you can remind yourself that price plunges are not a picture of the banks “winning”, but instead a graphic picture of these banks committing seppuku…

If you can embrace those plunges, and even cheer for them(whether or not you can afford to buy any more)….

Then you’ll truly be in the mental state necessary for what we likely face ahead.  You’ll be a fearsome warrior, an unbreakable shock trooper, with resolve that nothing can shake.

The banks did indeed set a trap for paper speculators.

Whew!  So it’s a good thing that we’re not speculators! Right?

Stackers are a different breed entirely, aren’t we?

So let’s embrace whatever they’ve likely got ahead, dig in our heels, lock shields together, and turn this cute, little ambush of theirs…

Into their worst nightmare. 

Payback 7

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