Armed College Student Fends Off Pair Of Home Burglars

from Western Journalism According to a recent WESH report, two burglars forced their way into an Orlando home this week, initially forcing one of the residents to the floor at gunpoint. “They came in with a handgun,” said Lt. Paul Hopkins of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, “pointed it at one of the victims, made him lay on the ground.” During the incident, however, a female resident reportedly made her way into a bedroom to retrieve her own gun and returned to confront the intruders. “They saw her gun, took off on foot,” Hopkins said. “When they ran out the door, the one who had the handgun dropped it.” As it turned out, the robber’s weapon was actually just a pellet gun, leading authorities to suggest he soon realized he was outmatched by the resident’s gun. “She brought a gun to a pellet gun fight,” Hopkins said. While victims are normally encouraged to comply with an armed robber’s instructions, he said the female in this case acted on her belief that “she had an advantage over them,” explaining she was “able to get her real gun and get these two bad guys out of her apartment.” There were no reports of injuries as a result of the home invasion, and police continue to search for the two men responsible. One neighbor told reporters that she appreciates the “pretty awesome girl” who stood up to the two robbers. “It’s unfortunate that it had to happen,” she said, “but I’m glad the girl knows defense and how to protect herself.”

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