Two Hours with Jim Willie

from Mephistopheles Lux Two Hour Interview Highlights from OneRadioNetwork. -Willie says there is a strong contingent of powerful “Good Guys” ex military who are tired of the status quo; and there are extremely wealthy Chinese Elders who are sick and tired of “The Boys” andtheir destruction of the Planet. -There are three major factions who run the world….for now; who are they? -Germany is actively looking for credible ways to exit the Euro Zone, political and currency -The dollar is losing market share, as we speak, with the emergence with BRICS -The amount of gold Russia and China has will curl your hair Interview starts at the 3:00 mark -The U.S. is out of gold -Putin kicked the Rothchild’s out of Russia a few years ago -The Vatican is loaded with assets on all levels and it goes back over a thousand years -Willie explains how oil got to $45 a barrel today -It’s all about derivatives and not supply and demand for all major assets -Just how did the Swiss pull off keeping the Euro peg for the last three years -The dollar may have strong numbers today but is weak at heart -Willie’s take on ISIS, their origin and what they are up to -The Global Currency Reset is real and in motion

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