Sovereign Debt Big Bang Scheduled for 2015 (Martin Armstrong)

from samuel ezerzer, via The Victory Report I’ve read most of his work… what he is saying is that we will have another economic downturn on or about 10-1-2015… like 2007, however worse… there will be recovery again… and the cycle repeats itself… similar to 2011 where the stock market has risen to where it is today. Then at the end of 2032 there will be the mother of all economic downturns…likely at that time the DOW will be many times where it is today…. however I don’t exactly know what the world or the U.S. will be like… I don’t know if it is a Mad Max World or like in the movie “Looper” or a repeat of the Great Depression…Fall of the Roman Empire or a combination of all this… certainly a lot less jobs for certain… likely higher interest rates and a collapse of stock values. One thing that has been clear in his writing is that all Governments will begin heavy taxation as this all collapses… likely there will be further destruction of pensions as cities or states can no longer pay these pensions… so you all may want to plan ahead… like I said you may want to sell your properties and take capital gains tax now as it may be brutal in the future… if your counting on a pension these may also dry up so if you have an option of taking cash value… may want to give this a hard look.

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