Preppers are CRAZY! – Grocery Stores Completely Overrun: Panicked Shoppers Prepare for Northeast Blizzard

by Rob Richardson, Off Grid Survival

The Northeast is preparing for one of the strongest storms in the last decade; with officials warning of coming power outages and conditions that could dump over 2-3 feet of snow across the region.

The Weather Channel is saying that 28 million people are now under blizzard warnings, and an additional 11 million are under winter storm warnings. The storm, which could dump as much as 3 feet of snow across a 250-mile stretch, is expected to bring blizzard-like conditions from Maryland to Maine.

Unprepared people are scrambling to find last-minute supplies, as grocery stores across the region have been overrun by panicked shoppers. Stores throughout the Northeast have been completely cleaned out, with unprepared shoppers rushing from store to store just trying to find something to help them make it through the storm.

So many people are completely unprepared, that area grocery stores actually have lines around the block just to get into the store.

Surviving a Winter Storm: Cold Weather Survival Tips

With the storm about to hit the East Coast, many are about to find out the hard way, why preparedness is so important.  While the time to prepare for this current storm is running out, it’s never to late to start making preparations. At the very least your should be looking at what’s happening right now on the East Coast, and taking steps to make sure you’re not one of the unprepared people fighting in the aisle over the last loaf of bread.

Winter Driving Safety Tips: Staying Safe on Dangerous Winter Roads

The last thing you want to do during a winter storm is be out on the roads. That being said, some emergencies make it impossible to stay at home, and there are times when you may find yourself stuck out on the road in the middle of a big storm. That’s why it’s important to prepare your vehicles for cold weather survival, and take steps to make sure you can survive while out on the roads.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Checks: Winter weather can cause all sorts of problems for your vehicle; which is why it’s so important to keep up on your vehicles routine maintenance needs. Fluid levels, air pressure, and battery maintenance are all things that should be routinely checked.
  • Emergency Road Kits: Many people make the mistake of thinking they’re safe because they’re traveling on a major highway, but that might not always be the case. Winter storms can quickly turn even urban highways into deathtraps; stranding drivers in their vehicles in freezing cold conditions. Make sure you have a bag filled with emergency winter gear, extra food and water, and warm clothing and heating supplies.
  • Be Prepared to Stop:  Far to many deaths happen on the roadways this time of  year; sadly, a lot of these accidents could have been prevented had the driver just pulled over and found a safe place to hunker down. Wherever you’re going, and whatever you think you have to do can probably wait.

Winterizing Your Gear: Preparing for Seasonal Gear Swaps

With winter weather already affecting much of the country, hopefully those of you who are prepared have already winterized your gear. Once the season start to switch, you need to break out your bugout bags, open up those long forgotten vehicle kits, and reevaluate your emergency plans for the season.

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