Gold & Silver: Next 12-18mo Major Action | Silver Doctors

from Reluctant Preppers IN THIS INTERVIEW: – Mortgage holders stung by huge increases in debt due to the Swiss National Bank de-Pegging their currency: How Central Bank actions can suddenly and dramatically affect you! – The Race to Debase between nations is on! – Peter Schiff predicting QE4 will happen in 2015 and will be bigger than any of the QEs before it! Also Expects China to de-peg the Yuan from the Dollar which will cause massive loss of purchasing power for the average US citizen! – How to protect yourself from loss of value of the Dollar – Gold & silver have bottomed – How to decide on the perfect time to accumulate, And the reasons & key factors why Doc sees a precious metals bottom. – What’s REALLY going on with inflation? Oil & gas prices dropping vs. inflation in the money supply & price inflation health care and the stock market! – When is the right time to insure yourself against catastrophic loss? – Bold expectations​ ​of what the next 12-18 months hold for Gold & Silver! – Where to obtain and where to hold your gold & silver?

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