Reaching the Tipping Point – It’s Up to Each of Us

by Zen Gardner So many are asking, “What can I do? How can I make a difference? How do I go about helping to effect the changes the world so direly needs?” Good questions. I repeatedly say to people to get conscious and you’ll know what to do. What does that mean? Gain empowering knowledge and information for one. And if someone’s asking those questions they obviously know just where to find it. The exponentially growing body of information available on the internet is an opportunity of the ages. I don’t know if this happened in the time of Atlantis or other previous advanced civilizations or not, but how unique an opportunity can we get?! Look, read and learn. Then act on it. Admittedly, growing up in a truly enlightened culture one wouldn’t have to do all this searching and have so many lies and cover up and so much disinformation to get past. It is time and energy consuming, especially for young minds under a variety of social pressures. But it’s our task to learn, and here we are, so let’s do it. And commit to it. Stop spending any unnecessary time giving the matrix our attention and energy. It’s bad enough if you have a job you don’t particularly like, especially if it’s helping to prop up this dying, vampiric system. Let’s “spend” our time being the difference. Remember, it’s the small things, small decisions, direction changes, little acts of love and kindness that change the world around us. The rest follows as we take on that awakened way of life and don’t succumb to the dumbing down mechanisms of the repressive matrix. But don’t cry about what you can or cannot do and sit in front of the TV all day, or stay muzzled in your day to dayt life when you have an opportunity to speak up with what you already know. Check out The Full Circle Project being formulated as we speak and join the process. It’s time we find and empower each other! Getting Conscious When the information comes flooding in you will eventually develop a deep spirituality. The only way this vast Universe can possibly operate is by forces and powers outside our sensory perception. Call it what you will and religions have done a great job at trying to keep it in a box, but SOMETHING is behind all this and is way powerful and wonderful. One long look at a clear night sky says it all. Then develop that spirituality. As you venture into the worlds of esoteric knowledge the dots begin to connect, same as they do while you investigate what’s really behind the scenes running the show here on earth as far as manipulated society goes. Then act on it. Meditate if that’s an avenue that appears to have some validity for greater consciousness and awareness, but let it lead to action as well. Pray if you’re so inclined. Chant, dance, sing, laugh, cry, scream….but take constructive action in both intention and personal responsibility. I remember reading a famous proverb, “The desire of a lazy man kills him, because his hands refuse to work”. Hit home? Has for me many times. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But now’s the time to take action. And as your consciousness grows and changes start to take place, the next step(s) will always make themselves manifest; be it writing a blog and networking on the net, attending or talking at gatherings, passing out flyers, hanging posters, talking to people you meet, joining or organizing intentional movements or communities, starting a youtube channel or blog or radio show, printing stickers or T-shirts, or just hugging and smiling and sharing love….or all of the above. Be who you truly are. And help those already doing what you know is effective. It’s getting started that’s important.

“The boat has to be in motion for the rudder to take effect.”

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