Russian Propaganda Is Turning Into Russian Assassination

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

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To my friends and colleagues in the independent media, we need to continue to stand tall as more of us continue to be under attack in the media.  To my fellow Americans who have come to depend on the independent media for truthful reporting, you need to support the journalists that you have placed your trust in. An increasing number of independent American journalists come under attack, we need to be cognizant of where the attacks are coming from and the goals behind these attacks so we can understand what is coming our way and how we can best survive and adapt.

Why Are These Attacks Taking Place?

Generally, the independent media is under attack because many of us are squarely over the target, taking flak, all because we are reporting exactly what is happening, as it is happening.

We in the independent media are not CNN, Fox News, or the other corporate controlled media which are owned by six corporations that represents the tip of the bankster empire that has hijacked our government.

In particular, members of the independent media who have the insight, the sources and the courage to print the truth about what is unfolding, are increasingly under attack. Specifically, I am referring to the reporting in two areas: (1) Martial law is coming to the United States and the Russians are going to be a part of the enforcement; and, (2) World War III is approaching at a rate that very few have anticipated. The mainstream media (MSM) is filled with examples which are promoting both agendas as these reports serve to psychologically condition the American people to more passively accept their (i.e. the globalists) our ultimate fate. These powers-that-be fear the independent media because we expose the agenda and help put the breaks on the propaganda machine of the MSM. In other words, time and time again, we in the independent media have forced the other side to change strategies and we have significantly altered their timetables.

It is the same in any tyrannical form of government.

It is the same in any tyrannical form of government.


I am proud to say that I watch and read the mainstream media productions because I can obtain excellent intelligence information on what is likely coming by watching the specific elements of the globalist propaganda machine unfold. For example, I have determined that ISIS is, in part, being used to psychologically condition the American public to accept “the need” to accept the inevitability of American boots on the ground in Syria as we watch one person after another get beheaded by ISIS. ISIS,  a CIA creation, is paving the way to World War III in which the confirmation bias is invoked

This man would have made an excellent news director at present day CNN or Fox News.

This man would have made an excellent news director at present day CNN or Fox News.


We can only imagine what the Nazi's could have done with this propaganda tool.

We can only imagine what the Nazi’s could have done with this propaganda tool.

The confirmation bias is based upon the fact that if one tells a big enough lie, often enough, people will come to believe it. The American public is served up a healthy helping every single day of every single week. And this approach is highly effective as it will not be long before the MSM will have the American sheep standing an cheering as we will soon attack our own CIA creation, ISIS, and ultimately enact a complete regime change in Syria.


Who Is Behind the Attacks on the Independent Media?

Generally, the truthful media is under attack from two directions, namely, the Russian state-owned media and the American corporate-controlled media. Before proceeding, some of the following information may appear to be contradictory unless  one understands that Putin and Obama work for the same banksters and that they have been deliberately put on a collision course which will end in World War III. Both governments use the same financial regulatory groups (e.g. IMF) and both sides are vying for the same resources controlled by high-level international bankers (e.g. oil). Those that have not made this paradigm shift are most likely still believing that Democrats and Republicans truly offer differing agendas for the American people to choose from.

The Russian Media

In recent days, I have been under attack, from what I learned is the Russian media. I wrote an article detailing 30 ways that Putin was upgrading his military as he was preparing to win the coming World War III. I received scores of scathing criticisms which accused me of being a CIA creation who supported the Rothschild banking empire and that I was a fool for not realizing that Putin is as pure as the driven snow. The criticisms made no sense because my article was about military preparedness not an anti-Putin, pro-Obama piece. Then the threats started arriving. Subsequently, I took a couple of the IP addresses to one of my ex-military sources and he traced one of the emails to a Los Angles area building leased by Tass, a Russian news agency and another was traced to Pravda, another Russian news agency.

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