Putin’s Rise To Power And The Death Of The Petrodollar

from Press for Truth After a previous war with Chechnya that left the former USSR embarrassed, Putin used a 2nd war with Chechnya to make himself look like a strong leader. One of the ways he got support from the Russians to fight against the Chechnya separatists, was to commit false-flags. The FSB, Russia’s CIA, blew up apartment buildings and blamed it on Chechnya. Residents actually called the police on two suspicious men that had dropped of large sacks in the basement of a building. The bomb squad was called, they found RDX, an explosive meant to build down the whole building. Then the roads out of town were blocked and a massive manhunt began for these two men, who were caught and turned out to be FSB. They said they were testing the police’s vigilance. Later it came out the whole thing was just a “training exercise.” So we can see the parallels between Western leaders and Putin. Both use false-flags to increase their power. The CIA and FSB seem to be governments unto themselves. With the petro-dollar gone, will the US military be capable of anything? Does size matter, or is it all about who writes the cheques? People fear that the US may get extra aggressive in a post-petro-dollar world, but without the ability to write the cheques, can they really afford to go to war? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Marin Katusa of caseyresearch.com to learn how people can protect themselves from the coming collapse of the petrodollar.

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