A Quick Sanity Check

by Adam Tagart, Peak Prosperity Sometimes it pays to step way back and look at things from a high level. In response to the 2008 crisis, the world’s major central banks pumped an unprecedented amount of monetary stimulus into the system — all in the name of kick-starting enough economic growth to pull the planet out of its fundamental sinkhole of Too Much Debt. More than six years and over $4 trillion later, what exactly can we say it did for us? Not enough, as the following short video summarizes. Many of you are already well-familiar with this theme. Hopefully this video provides a welcome reminder that you’re not crazy, despite the persisting artificial heights of today’s asset prices. And perhaps more important, it’s intended to be an easily-sharable resource for waking up new ears to our message of prudent caution: If this is something that may help you wake up to friends and family not yet aware of our predicament, feel free to share it with them. The same goes with this link to our endorsed financial adviser, for anyone with whom the message to ‘get defensive’ resonates.

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