Executive Order 6102: Turn In All Gold Coins and Gold Bullion by May 1

TDC Note – I am not a gold or silver dealer–never have been, probably never will be. Anything is possible. I could become a gold and/or silver dealer and the government could set up some kind of confiscation scheme. IF something is going to happen as an attempt to steal the people’s money it will come in the form of a tax. I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN–just saying that anything is possible with this current paradigm. These criminals that have confiscated our country are certainly of the mindset to make another run at stealing our real, physical money. Take it all with a grain of salt and do what you believe to be the best protection for you and your family. from Back to Constitution Everyone except gold dealers know that the corrupt government will call in all gold and the people will be required to turn it over to a parasitic private cartel of useless eaters at the Federal Reserve Why don’t gold dealers get it? Because if they tell you the truth, you won’t buy gold! They will be out of business, so they lie to you!

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