When Opportunity Knocks: The Question that Keeps Me Stacking(Part 1)

from The Wealth Watchman Off the Beaten Path My warriors, I’m going to do something just a little different today. I’m going to share a few personal tidbits with y’all here, in this stacking community. I hope that doing so will be both interesting, and helpful, as far as giving you some real food for thought. It’s my sincere desire that many of you will dig deep, and go well beyond the normal, “I stack cuz’ things are really bad” frame of reference. Yes, we all know that the economic picture for the global financial system is an absolute train-wreck, and getting darker by the day, but if that’s the only reason you’re storing away silver or gold, then I humbly submit that perhaps you should consider retooling your vision. There’s a great deal more to what we’re doing, historically speaking, than we can even wrap our heads around right now. I wanted to let our band of warriors know, that I recently discovered that I’d soon be a father again, as another Jr. Watchman is on the way! Needless to say, Mrs. Watchman and I are thrilled at the news! There’s nothing like the arrival of a newborn to make you take a fresh look at the motives behind what you’re doing, and I’ve definitely applied that question to my stacking. After thinking it over yet again, I believe my reasons are the right ones. I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you, and what they can mean for your futures as well. The Question that Keeps Me Stacking So instead of merely taking a look at data, mulling it over, and repeating how doomed everything is, I thought this would be an excellent time to do something just a bit different! There will be plenty of time to consider the missiles falling all around us later. For now, warriors, while we’re all “in the trenches”, let me ask you a question! Trench warriors Why are you doing this? Why am I doing what, Watchman? This. What are you doing here in these trenches, in the first place? Why do you fight? Why are you here, reading another article at the Truth HQ? Why are you choosing to walk a path that isn’t merely untrodden by most, but that’s actually scorned by most? Why are you all choosing to stack silver(gold)? Think about it carefully. The answer to that question will tell you(and others) a great deal about yourself; things that you may not have even nailed down in your own mind. A Few Reasons Now, I know this answer for a few of you, because you’ve told me. Let’s review some of the most common reasons folks are choosing this battle. For some of you, it’s this: Mortgage Due Just think of how much simpler your life would be without those pesky mortgage payments each month, right? Think of how much less stress you’d have, if you didn’t have to come up with that payment… Ever again! Some are stacking, to pay off that mortgage. That’s an honorable goal, to be sure. For others, the reason you stack might be… US Government shutdown To simply acquire a safety net to insure your wealth against bankster and government and default. No doubt about it, this is a most excellent reason to tread this warrior’s path, and studiously accumulate real wealth. Then, there are some, who realize the great evils that have been perpetrated by the financial forces of wickedness for the last half a millennium, and seek to stack to help bring those very people down. This reason really does resonate with me, and I must admit that there is an “activist” aspect to what I do here. After all, it’s one thing to stack, it’s another to start a website and youtube channel, to inform as many as possible about what’s going on, right? An Elongated Vision Those are all fine reasons to do what we’re doing, and I do think in my own case, that I’m partially doing it for such reasons, but I’d love to take this opportunity to flesh out another vision for all of you here, a vision that might help us keep a clear, sharpened focus on our personal stacking goals. I’ll be honest with you, I know my greatest reason for stacking when I look into my sons’ faces, or when I rock my 2 year-old child to sleep, or when I heard about another child on the way. It brings to mind a question that repeats itself over and over, and that question is this…. What can I do at this very moment, to ensure that the precious few heartbeats I have, establish a very real and secure future for my children, and my children’s children? That trumps everything else, my friends. When that question pops up, suddenly everything from hyperinflation, to government defaults, to financial resets, or paying bills, all fade into nothingness. So, I’ve given a great deal of thought to this question, over the years: what will I spend my life building? What will I leave behind, so that those later, in my line, will have the opportunities and comforts that I did not have? Let me ask you another personal question: Don’t you wish that someone had been able to leave you with more? Now, don’t get me wrong, most of us had very loving parents and grandparents, and I’m not belittling their efforts for any of us, I’m not even referring to “monetary or material possessions”. I’m referring to something even more meaningful and precious than that. To be more specific, have you ever felt like you’re making it up as you go along in life? Don’t you ever wish that you’d had more direction about what to do(especially in your younger years) than you did? For me, this has always been one of my greatest wishes: I wish I’d had more purpose and long-term direction right out of the gate. Don’t you wish you hadn’t had to go to college in order “to figure everything out”? Understand, I hold several degrees myself, so I’m not disparaging those who went to college(though it is quite over-priced at this stage of the game), but wouldn’t it have been quite nice to know what it is you’re meant to do far earlier in life, without wondering what path you’d have to walk to make a name or a living for yourself? Continue Reading>>>

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