PLEASE SHARE — SO MUCH FOR FREE SPEECH: SGT Report You Tube Channel Receives First ‘Strike’

by SGT, SGT The fascists at You Tube have struck again. Despite showing absolutely NO blood or gore, on January 15th the SGT Report You Tube channel received its first ever You Tube “strike” against it and the video/interview analyzing the Paris police officer shooting – which had been seen more than 75,000 times with more than 700 ‘thumbs up’ votes – was removed by You Tube “as a violation of You Tube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.” So much for free speech. If YOU care about our FIRST amendment right to free speech as much as we do, please contact You Tube and demand that the ‘Paris Siege False Flag: Analyzing the Cop Shooting Footage’ video be reinstated and the strike against our You Tube channel be dismissed. Thank you one and all.

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