‘Obama is Extremely Successful for Powerful Interest Groups’ – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Audio Interview

from Sputnik Has President Obama delivered on his pledges? Whose interests has he been protecting? Radio Sputnik is looking into the issue with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (US), Fredrik Erixon (EU) and Peter Koenig (Switzerland). On the 20th of January President Obama is delivering his annual State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. “The new year will bring a new American Congress, and with it, the opportunity to continue our work to build a stronger economy and secure a better future for our country,” John Boehner — the House speaker- wrote to his President. According to Princeton economists Alan S. Blinder (formerly Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board) and Mark W. Watson, as quoted in the Time magazine, ‘Even though the U.S. economy had improved substantially in recent years, Democrats lost decidedly in many sections of the nation. Democrats’ failed to excite voter support, partly because average American workers had seen little or no personal economic improvement in the years of the Obama presidency and Democratic influence in Washington’. So what exactly has President Obama achieved and how has he handled what still remains the biggest global economy – as of now? Says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Former Assistant US Treasury Secretary: He has achieved the agenda of the neoconservatives and the military security complex. He has demonized Russia and its President. He has broken up the economic and political relationships between Russia and Europe. He has secured the agenda of the Wall Street, by establishing through the Department of Justice that there would be no prosecution of the criminal gangsters that dislocated the American financial system and ripped off millions of people. He has achieved the agenda of the lawlessness of the US, having determined that the people who tortured detainees will not be prosecuted, even though torture is a felony under the US law and is also prohibited under the international law. He has achieved the agenda of the Israeli lobby by continuing the wars against the Muslims in the ME. And he’s done his best to achieve the agenda of agro business and Monsanto, by continuing to allow the production and sale of genetically modified organisms, without any studies proving their safety. And he has done his best to achieve the agenda of the extractive industries – oil, mining and timber. So, on the whole, from the standpoint of the six powerful private interest groups that rule the US, and indeed much of the world, Obama has been amazingly successful. Perhaps, the most successful of all presidents. Continue Reading-Audio Interview>>>

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