Gold and Silver to 1%

by Rory, The Daily Coin Where will the price for gold and silver go this year? If we listen to the experts it could be anywhere from $0 to $500 for silver and $0 to $50,000 for gold. All of these prices I have heard over the past two-three years from the people that are much more studied than myself. There were several big name precious metals experts that were calling for multi-thousand dollar prices for gold in 2014. Where do I think the exchange rate will wind up this year? There are NO free markets, only interventions. ~Chris Powell Being forced to come to terms with accepting what the so-called market gives, it is obvious to this silver and gold bug that my metals need to be measured in ounces and not in dollars. Do you believe, as I, that the dollar is on it’s last leg? Going into the 42nd year of a fiat currency, according to history, the dollar is on dangerous ground and should be tread upon lightly. If you believe that history will win out and the dollars days are numbered, then why would you care two-cents worth what number comes out of the COMEX? Does it have anything to do with reality? Can you order an American Silver Eagle for under $17? Does your local coin dealer offer generic rounds for under $17? What about the exchange rate for a Morgan or Peace Dollar? 17-23 face value? Is that about right? I have the deepest respect for the silver and gold experts that write incredible commentary on every aspect of gold and silver. Do you believe that Eric Sprott would bold-face lie to you about what his analysis is telling him? What about James Turk at GoldMoney, who just happens to have Mr. Alasdair Macleod as the Head of Research? Personally, I believe these rock-solid honest business men are telling the truth when they say that gold is going to be X price or silver is going to reach X price by X time. Why? Because they are honest people and do not associate with criminals. There analysis is based on fact, not fantasies. There are NO free markets, only interventions. ~Chris Powell One of the people that I have the most respect for is Mike Maloney. He has, for the most part, maintained that you should measure your gold and silver against the value of a house, the value of the stock market and various other elements that are measures of value and not necessarily prices. This is a great alternative to viewing your stack in dollar terms. Do you believe the criminals at the COMEX are providing you with honest information? Do you believe the vaults are almost empty? Or are the vaults empty and there is nothing more than a shell game going on inside? What about American Silver Eagles; have they set record sales volumes for the past three years? Can we trust this information coming from a government agency? Do you trust Steve St. Angelo’s analysis of what has been happening with the sale of ASE’s and the Royal Canadian Mint’s Silver Maple Leaf? Wether the US Mint’s information is accurate or not, one thing that is 100% accurate–the US Mint sold completely out of ASE’s in November 2014. The Royal Canadian Mint’s Silver Maple Leaf was being allocated (read rationed) for almost all of the fourth quarter in 2014. These are the number one minted coin, ASE and number two minted coin, Maple Leaf, in the world. They were both being rationed for the last several weeks of the year in 2014 and not because they were changing the die!! If we go back a review the ASE sales from 1986 (first year) through 1990 we will not see any year being more than 9.4 million coins. At the time silver was about $4-$7 an ounce. Let’s use $5 an ounce for this argument. Sales of ASE’s in 2014 topped 44 million coins. That represents almost a 5 fold increase in volume. Does the current price of silver, at 16.40 an ounce, in YOUR opinion accurately reflect what silver should be selling for, based on the sales volume of ASE’s and Maple Leafs? Which, by the way, the Silver Maple Leaf has also put up record sales volumes over the past two years or more. So I will ask again, in your heart-of-hearts do you believe that someone like Jim Sinclair or David Morgan or Andrew Hoffman is spewing non-sense OR are the criminals running the COMEX, paying the regulators to look the other way and the Plunge Protect Team (the Presidents Working Group on Markets) are the people that are confused, lying and stealing your wealth? If you think any of the precious metals people that I have listed above are being dishonest to you, please send me an email and how much gold and silver you need to be rid of, because I will purchase all that you have, right now. Once the dollar morphs into the next currency it may have, according to Jim Willie and Jim Rickards, a little gold and silver backing it. Personally, the only way that I actually see this happening is if the Chinese and Russians have a hand in the next reserve currency—if there is a next reserve currency. China has not been acquiring all the gold that can be found simply to have it sitting on a shelf. I believe they will put to it use. In what capacity is the real question. Will they acquire enough to back their currency? If so, how much will they need to be comfortable and at what exchange rate will gold be valued? Will the Chinese monetize silver as well? This would make the most sense as silver would allow more currency to be in circulation and would allow everyday people to make small everyday purchases. Gold would assume it’s rightful place in making the larger, higher valued purchases like homes and cars. Our world is changing right before our eyes. We can either recognize it and make an attempt to adjust to what we believe is coming or we can simply tune into the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars. As I wrote in a recent article I believe people are awakening at an accelerated pace. Will they reach a level of understanding that will allow them enough time to protect themselves and their families? Sadly, most will not. Sadly, most will be awash in the sewer that is steam rolling towards them and they don’t even realize what is happening. All I ask is that we can increase the number of truly awakened people by approximately 1%. If we could get another 1% to reach a point of disgust that they begin to act, then I believe the US may have a chance. 310,000 people represent approximately 1% of the US population. We need more people awake and aware. We need more people that are acting as-if the pile is about to hit the fan. Otherwise, it is going to get ugly and stay ugly for some time. Stay strong, keep preparing and keep stacking.


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