Why the Government Intends to Confiscate Everything You Own

by C Serpa, Grams Gold Private property rights are the cornerstone of a free republic. People are only free when everyone is equal under the law. When a small group of people subvert the laws that make everyone equal and place themselves above the law, it is only a matter of time before freedom becomes forced servitude. The actions by the U.S. government are giving the tell tale signs of complete destruction of liberty and the institution of what can only be called slavery of the masses. Those at the top are engaged in the transformation of the nation into a feudal society where a few are very rich and the rest are subjected to poverty and earning a meager existence at best. In a wealthy nation like the U.S., the transformation to a feudal society requires the government to destroy or take all wealth away from those that have it. police

These people will be the target of government policies to impoverish them by any means. This will include massive price inflation, civil forfeiture laws and new taxes meant to overwhelm property owners. Every asset you own will be targeted for confiscation and destruction. This will include massive price inflation, civil forfeiture laws and new taxes meant to overwhelm property owners. Everything you own will be targeted for confiscation and destruction. They must impoverish everyone by taking their land, money and personal belongings that they can use. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If anything proposed in the US is considered sane or common sense , it is automatically labeled as ‘hate speech’ or ‘racist’. Conversely, if it is damaging to the population at large and makes no rational sense, it is embraced and heartily promoted.

Obama has succeeded in transforming the US by introducing his radical leftist policies and declaring that they are wanted by the people. The midterm election sweeping Republicans into power was a statement that the people do not want his policies, was patently ignored. We have now arrived at a place where our country is now essential a dicatorship, said by some to be ‘soft tyranny’. There is no room for sanity , anymore, and the public is sleepwalking through it all. Ironically, China and Russia are far more capitalistic now than the US. In the US, there was a concerted effort to take over all media and they now only promote what are safe ‘talking points’ straight from the Whitehouse. Anyone that dissents, or promotes freedom and capitalism, is automatically labeled as ‘right wing extremists’ to be shunned and labeled as’domestic terrorists.’ What did Wall Street just do in the Cromnibus bill? It guaranteed that any losses from derivatives that arise within the banking system will be passed onto the taxpaying serfs of the United States citizens. When Congress just passed its bill allowing the [bankrupt] government to keep spending with abandon, attached to the bill was a portion written by Citicorp that allows financial institutions [read that as Wall Street banks] to trade in certain derivatives that are insured by the FDIC. What it means is that taxpayers will be responsible for all losses resulting from theses derivative contracts. In addition, the depositors of banks are again subject to bail-ins, which can take 80% or more of what you hold in the bank. The banker-caused crash of 2008 was nothing when compared to what will happen when these risky derivative deals fall apart and crash, as they will. With losses socialized, there is no incentive for bankers to be careful in crafting their derivative deals that are created solely for the purpose of generating huge fees for them. But, you say, the money I have in the bank is FDIC insured! The amount that is in the actual FDIC [Federal Deposit Insurance Corp] fund is $25 billion. How much money are in deposits in the US commercial banks? About $9,300 billion. “When the banks lose on their derivatives, and after allowing for $25 billion in FDIC insurance, the public now is on the hook for the remaining $299,975,000,000,000. This makes the current deficit of $16 trillion look more like petty cash, “states the Silver Bear Cafe. “Where is the public outrage over this? The short answer: There is none. This is on top of yet another non-public outrage announced at the end of the G20 meeting in Brisbane, back on 16 November 16. Legislation is to be written that all bank deposits, [hint: this means anyone having any of their money held by a bank] are considered a part of a commercial bank’s capital structure. If there is a bank failure, the “value” of deposits within a failed bank will decline in line with the bank’s failure. In other words, large-scale depositors will find themselves in the BK court system for years before the bankruptcy court makes a final determination as to the scope of any depositor’s losses. What was once called a “deposit” is now just a “part of the bank’s capital structure,’ as in “It ain’t your money any more, Fool.” Where is the public outrage over this? See above the last paragraph.” “Because Americans do not have enough money deposited in bank accounts to re-capitalize banks’ loss from $303 Trillion in derivatives, they will have to look at other places in which to recoup their losses, that is , from the American taxpayer. Americans will already be in bad shape, as much of their wealth will be destroyed due to economic reasons that cause property to be repossessed by creditors. This has been made possible by the credit schemes devised by banking institutions to create debts that cannot be paid back by borrowers. This includes underwater mortgage loans, auto and student loans. Some of their wealth will be lost as economic conditions deteriorate and individuals are forced to sell their belongings to continue their current lifestyle or simply survive. As their possessions are sold off and the money is spent on needed goods with ever increasing prices, Americans will slowly become impoverished until they are forced to rely on government handouts for survival. Continue Reading>>>

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