Putin’s Opportunity to Bust the US Petro Dollar

Preston James and *Mike Harris, Veterans Today

In Ju-Jitsu, the goal is to wait for your opponent that is attacking you to commit to a line of action and then to harness his power and use his own attack against him.

President Putin is known to be a master at Martial Arts and appears to be using the principles of Ju-Jitsu to topple the Western Banks, especially in regard to his support of the BRICS Development Bank.

brics-logo-320x116The new BRICS Development Bank is now up and running now, is part of his master chess strategy, and is known to be seriously stressing the US Petro Dollar.

The BRICS Banking System is known to be based on Gold, Silver and real commodities unlike the Rothschild’s largest Franchisee the Federal Reserve System.

The private Federal Reserve System, which is neither a Bank nor a Reserve, is based on Fiat private money, best considered counterfeit money. These Federal Reserve System Fiat Dollars (aka the US Petro Dollar) have been forced to be accepted inside America as legal tender by illegal, Unconstitutional Congressional action back in 1913 which had no proper quorum.


The US Petro Dollar is now the World’s Reserve Currency but is not backed by Gold or Silver as is required by the U.S. Constitution.

And with the special deal negotiated by President Nixon at Henry Kissinger’s request, America was taken completely off the Gold and Silver Standard in 1971.

The US Petro Dollar was negotiated as the World’s Reserve Currency and the only payment the Mideast Oil producers would accept from that point on in exchange for the USA protecting the Oil Producing Countries.

To this very day despite a significant effort by the American Public and some Members of Congress have been attempting to fully audit the Federal Reserve System and take America back to Gold and Silver backed Constitutional Currency.

So far such efforts to completely “Audit the Fed” have been successfully blocked by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which is known to be empowered by the private Rothschild Banking System and their American Franchisee the Federal Reserve System.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?Has the OCC unknowingly created its own financial trap with ISIS/ISIL/Daish?

Has the Organized Crime Cabal that owns these criminal banks, the folks that started ISIS/ISIL/Daish aka Al CIA Duh version 2, actually set its own final financial trap by selling oil stolen from Iraq and Syria on the World market for $20 USD a barrel?

How come some major oil distributors are showing up with new quantities of oil that show no clear trail from the field of production? Could it be this crude oil ISIS has been “confiscated” and is selling at such a deep discount has actually itself suggested an appropriate response for President Putin?

Foreign policy experts have claimed that this Al CIA Duh strategy to sell oil at such a deep discount has had approval from the Saudis and other Gulf Oil producers at the bequest of the OCC. This ploy is designed to collapse the Russian Ruble and drive President Putin and Russia into submission of the Rothschild Banking Empire which is considered the financial muscle behind the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC).

Like the OCC’s interference in the Ukraine and their establishment of the World Zionist/Israel puppet Porky there, the OCC’s action to use ISIS/ISIL/Daish to collapse the World Oil Prices and stress the Russian Republic into submission can easily be interpreted as an act of war.

The Russian Republic has been under secret assault by NATO which is placing missile batteries around Russia. And the Israeli Neo-Bolsheviks are trying to occupy and make the Ukraine their own new homeland as well as an apparent staging point to take Syria, Iran and probably every other Muslim Nation, even their secret ally Saudi Arabia.

The WZs and the OCC have also been running a second simultaneous attack in addition to their assault on the Ukraine by deploying their specially constructed mercenary forces to take Iraq and Syria in a CIA type self-financed war.

Russia annexed Crimea after a landslide vote.

President Putin was able to benefit from a landslide Crimean vote to annex it to become a part of the Russian Federation, which it did, and this has thrown a serious block to Israel’s plan to take and occupy all of Ukraine including Crimea.

Many of the remaining citizens of the Ukraine not occupied by World Zionist/Israeli Cutouts actually want to become part of the Russian Federation too despite all the massive propaganda campaigns instituted in the Ukraine by Israeli installed puppets like “Porky” and his World Zionist (WZ friends), and in the American Press which is clearly controlled by the WZs.

Israel has been sneakily attempting to steal the Ukraine as their new homeland based on their continuing racial delusion of having ancient Hebrew Blood when one peer reviewed John Hopkins study shows 97.5% of them have none, while 80% of the Palestinians do. If an accurate conclusion this study of course means that the biggest anti-Semites in the World are the Israelis who suffer from this racial delusion which has now been clearly proved false.

Babylonian Talmudism has produced a strong criminal racial delusion which has formed the basis of espionage against America, massive asset stripping of America, numerous staged terror attacks around the World, and especially the massive land theft, a long term blockade, extreme tyranny, incredible abuse, and genocide against Palestinians.

What if the conclusion of this recent John Hopkins study is not accurate and some Israelis actually have some ancient Hebrew Blood like the Palestinians? Well then we must conclude that is the actual acculturation of Babylonian Talmudism that has produced this existing Judaic Racial Delusion, cultural hatred and paranoia toward Goyim necessary to motivate such savage, barbaric tribalist violence against the Palestinians and others all over the World with their staged Gladio-style False-Flag terror attacks.

And yes we know that this is the very same same Babylonian Talmudism that produced the Bolshevik Revolution and Red Terror of 1917, the Maoist death cult of Communist China too, as well as the mass-murder and terror regime of Pol Pot.

And this same Babylonian Talmudic Tribalism which is so notably savage is also the motivation behind the secret Satanic cults and their child-sacrifice rituals. The Babylonian Talmudism has also produced a very strong anti-Goyim subculture among American-Israeli Israeli-first Dual Citizens inside America who have infiltrated so many USG institutions and have used so many Israeli espionage fronts to hijack American Politics and Government.

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