Marshall Swing: Silver May Rise to $18-$20 This Spring Before Massive Crash

by Marshal Swing, Silver Doctors This is an engineered depression and it is well known in the worst of times capital will return to the West and rush into bonds and hard assets when the fear of currency collapses becomes reality. I am no longer optimistic price will be allowed to rise much this Spring and this bottom is growing more large every month and has not returned to the previous 2 year bottom range so $18 may be the highest price in silver we see before the September/October crash and rebound. Due to COT reports being delayed several days each week of the holidays it has been a while since I reported. Since my last article, there has been a multitude of negative news events both economic, cultural, and political. Usually the holiday season is fairly quiet from a news perspective because most of the world is focused on taking time off from work and investing – and usually major news stories are sparse… But not this holiday season! While I view the recent trading in gold and silver futures as pretty contained though volatile, I view what is going on in the world as absolutely astonishing. My belief is that events in the world are completely covering up and pushing aside what is happening in the precious metals sector so that no one will notice or care. Just today we get news of 12 deaths and several others critically wounded in Paris in a terrorist attack (yes, over there they actually called them terrorists and not extremists) and that is great cause for concern but the markets hardly noticed as the DOW is up over $200. In the last few weeks, we have seen oil price drop like a rock and a multitude of financial analyst’s takes on why and how with varied opinions ranging as far as the East is from the West. Very few linked the drop to the fact that Russia bought 55 tons of gold in the 3rd quarter and another 18 tons in October. SD Bullion Could it be the price of oil has been assaulted to prevent Russia from having cash to operate whether it be militarily or in purchasing more gold? Many have speculated why OPEC continues to hold firm on output in the wake of oil at a $47 handle. Is Saudi Arabia being used as a pawn by the West to beat up Russia or are they asserting their power of market maker to one day require oil for gold as a couple here at SilverDoctors have suggested they may eventually do? The BRICS nations continue to make agreements cutting out the U.S. Dollar in their trade. The list of nations interested in joining their ranks is long. For what it is worth, the most alarming article I have read in months was published here at SilverDoctors: and I cannot find a single mention of it in main stream media just at fringe websites and a few large city news stations. 2,400 servicemen died at Pearl Harbor and almost 3,000 on 9/11 but when a highly esteemed, extremely educated, top researcher from MIT announces 50% of all children will be born with autism within 10 years it does not even rank as newsworthy? There are somewhat unconfirmed reports of Ebola in Mosul, Iraq via ISIS soldiers but whether now or later is probably just a matter of logistics as many fighters go there from Africa. There have been rampant reports of ISIS planning to use Ebola in suicide bombs and that virus is certainly easy enough to obtain for that purpose. I monitor many news sites every day and one of my favorites to get news most people do not hear about is Trunews. Here is a list of headlines today: Car Bomb Kills Dozens of Applicants at Police Academy in Yemen Mexican cannibal cartel forced new recruits to Eat the Hearts of people North Korea ‘close to miniaturizing nuclear warheads N. Korea using 6,000 cyber warriors to paralyze S. Korea, Seoul says IS to turn Syria schools into religious indoctrination centers Atlanta fire chief suspended for authoring Christian book that denounces homosexuality Palace digs in over Prince Andrew’s links to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein The world is, essentially, becoming a very crazy place, crazier by the week. Here is an article on Bloomberg today that shows 158 reporters and photographers have been killed in the battle against “freedom of expression” since 2011: At what point does “freedom of expression” need to be curbed when shock jocks put things in the court of public opinion for no other reason than their quest for ratings and the almighty dollar? Is there any wisdom at all in allowing the operation of NAZI parties and KKK groups when millions of lives were lost in wars over those subjects? Lost in all the violence and all the fear is the proper perspective on why all these things are happening. Society, in many and various ways over the last 60+ years in particular, has been led to believe that almost anything goes and most things are acceptable, at least in certain places and times. As the layers of the onion of basic morality are peeled away, we see the proliferation of evil in every fabric of culture, politics, and economics. Our defenses are slowly torn down until we see and hear things in the news and media that 60 years ago would have not been acceptable or thinkable but today happen with such regularity that we become indifferent to them, desensitized, and cannot focus on anything in particular as a way of taking a corrective action. Those of you who read my articles know I believe all Truth is contained in the Bible. That book is the story of God’s creation and the laws He says to live by that produce life, peace, and prosperity – and what happens if we don’t. The book contains many stories about what happens when those laws are violated and also contains very vivid depictions of the last days that billions of people have tried to understand through millennia. Through the last few thousand years, virtually all nations and peoples have made conscious decisions to live, in varying degrees, contrary to those laws that were given to Moses, written down beginning in Exodus. Now, as most people who know the book believe, we are at the end of time as we know it , as the prophets say, a period of terrible judgments is about to ensue (as if things aren’t bad enough already) and circumstances are about to get markedly far worse than they are today! SD Bullion I have written in numerous past articles that I believe the 70th Week of Daniel starts on September 23 of this year. You cannot find another writer, anywhere, stating such although a few people privately speculate as much. One thing is sure, evil is being unleashed in such increasingly escalating ways as I have never seen in my lifetime. I do not know anybody who does not think this. The best thing anyone can do to preserve their wealth is convert dollars to physical silver and gold before September and resist the lure to invest in equities as they rise to unprecedented levels only to be crushed in the greatest currency crash ever. As the time approaches, physical metal will become scarce. So, what has happened in the metals the last couple of weeks? In silver, we see in the 12/23 numbers selling by both Speculators and virtually no activity by the Commercials so this is probably just yearend close outs to secure profits. In the 12/30 numbers, we see a short covering by the Speculators and matching long sales by the commercials. Equally, some Speculators bought longs matched by new Commercial short positions. So, in silver, due to the end of the year and light activity, nothing can be made of price ups and downs. In gold, in the 12/23 numbers we see a battle is played out at the end of the period on Monday afternoon as the commercials initiate a significant short covering of 7,938 contracts and Speculators pick up about 7,000 new short positions on the way down. Subsequently, in the 12/30 numbers, Small Speculators initiate heavy long buying at the bottom and appear to force short sales on the part of Large Speculators. Very curious are the almost 9,000 Commercial longs sold into rising price. I do not make out anything more on those Commercial long sales than someone closing out contracts at the end of the year and those longs were probably bought in the $1130-1150 range and sold at $1190-1200 for a tidy short term profit. Several months ago, August or September, I had been asked about price in the 2015 fiscal year and I speculated price might rise as high as $20-$21 before a “sell in May and go away” till crash deflation/depression. I am no longer optimistic price will be allowed to rise much this Spring and this bottom is growing more large every month and has not returned to the previous 2 year bottom range so $18 may be the highest price in silver we see before the September/October crash and rebound. We should know far more about price in the next 2-3 weeks. To see the massive volatility in the DOW (some say due to oil deflation) and there not be massive fear driven interest to buy gold and silver is astonishing, to say the least. The world is drunk on Western equities right now and for the foreseeable future as capital is rushing home. This is an engineered depression and it is well known in the worst of times capital will return to the West and rush into bonds and hard assets when the fear of currency collapses becomes reality. There are 249 days (less than 9 months) to the “Shemitah” that Jonathan Cahn writes about as happening every 7 years as well as the final “blood moon” that Mark Biltz documents. Stay very thirsty for physical, my friends! Marshall

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