SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 9: And Their Interesting Associates

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Pilgrims NY Office

(by Charles Savoie)–

The Pilgrims Society Is An Influence Network Of Transnational Cartelists—A Controlling Organization—Of Wealthy Globalists—Many Descended From Old Royalty—Who Have Wreaked Tremendous Monetary And Warfare Havoc On The World For Over A Century—All While Hiding In The Dark As An Organization! It Is The Leadership Committee Of Many Other Globalist Organizations To Which Attention Is Being Misdirected!

Astor was a confirmed gold and silver stealer—notes issued by this dishonest central bank could only be converted into gold or silver at the branch most distant from the issuing branch! Eleuthere Du Pont was the second wealthiest director of the second U.S. Bank after the departure of Stephen Girard. Vincent Astor (1891-1959; Pilgrims Society) took Franklin Roosevelt on a yachting excursion in February 1933. As soon as FDR entered the White House in March 1933, he declared a “bank holiday” and seized gold from the public! Strangely, The Pilgrims Society inner circle (including Astor) waited 17 months to use FDR to also seize silver, on August 9, 1934.

That was just after the Silver Purchase Act of 1934, so FDR could shift some blame to Congress. Vincent Astor was a director of the silver suppressing Chase National Bank—

Squelchers #1

This link from 2006 mentions Astor real estate in Manhattan alone representing over $100 billion in wealth and as Myers noted on page 173 of his book, “No one but the Astors themselves knows what are their holdings in bonds and stocks of every description.” With an income stream of $5 to $10 billion per annum, a small family group could, especially at bottoms, acquire immense shareholdings. In “New York For Sale” (2011), page 38 we notice—

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