Economic Terrorism Against Russia Intensifies

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money

The Russian ruble fell a further 7% Monday. What is the “reason” cited in the Corporate media for this latest, further plunge in its “value” (i.e. exchange rate)? An “economic report” which shows that Russia’s economy is shrinking. Here we see the pattern of the economic terrorism perpetrated by the One Bankexposed.


In 2010; the One Bank decided to destroy the economy of Greece. It did so for several reasons. It wanted to “make an example” of Greece for all the other European governments to see. This was deemed essential when (tiny) Iceland successfully broke-free of the control of this crime syndicate after the Crash of ‘08, and reclaimed its own sovereignty. It was not about to allow other European governments to follow that example, and begin to assert their own independence.

It also wanted to test its market-rigging capabilities from merely manipulating markets in order to destroy particular economic sectors, or corporations, to full-fledged economic terrorismdestroying nations(economically) with illegal market-rigging on a scale never before witnessed. Its modus operandi has been described in more detail previously, so the mechanics will only be summarized here.

In the case of the attack on Greece, because it shares a currency with other European nations; the One Bank could not use currency-manipulation as its tool of destruction (as it is presently doing against Russia). Instead, it launched its economic terrorism at the debt market of Greece.

As regular readers know; in fundamental terms the economy of Greece in 2010 was very similar to that of the United States – except obviously on a dramatically smaller scale. Like the U.S.; Greece was/is hopelessly insolvent. Like the U.S.; Greece had grossly over-invested in military spending and infrastructure, which was the primary means by which both nations became hopelessly insolvent.

But in 2010; the U.S. was (according to the Corporate media) already in the midst of “an economic recovery”: an exercise in economic mythology which is now six years long, and counting. Greece’s economy, on the other hand, with the same economic fundamentals as the U.S., suddenly took a nose-dive. Interest rates on Greece’s debts started to soar. As previously explained; it is no more difficult for the One Bank to manipulate interest rates than it is for these banksters to manipulate currencies. As Greece’s interest rate (on its gigantic debt) was pushed higher and higher, naturally this caused severe economic damage.

As the economic damage intensified; the Corporate media cited this economic damage as the “reason” for even further upward movement (manipulation) of Greek interest rates, doing still further economic damage. It was (literally) a vicious circle of crime. To put the criminal manipulation of Greece’s interest rates into perspective, if U.S. rates were driven/manipulated to a similar level; the U.S. would have to do the following merely to make interest payments on its debt:

a)  Increase all taxation by 50%

b)  Shut down the entire government (including mothballing the entire military)

Of course increasing all taxes by 50% and shutting down the entire government (for real, not anotherpretend “shut-down”) would do so much enormous, additional damage to the economy that even with those measures, it would be unable to continue to making interest payments on its debts for more than a few weeks. In short; if U.S. interest rates were ever manipulated to a similar level, it would experience an identical meltdown to Greece (except a hundred times larger). What happened with Greece was not “an economic collapse”, just pure economic terrorism.

With India, when the One Bank was desperate to blackmail India’s government into blocking gold-imports into that nation, it did use an attack on India’s currency. As India’s currency fell in value, we were told (by the Corporate media propaganda machine) that this was because of a rising “current account deficit”.

However, as with the vicious circle-of-crime directed against Greece; the lower the banksters drove the value of the Indian rupee with their illegal manipulation, the larger its current-account deficit grew, automatically. The evidence of the previous economic crime committed against India’s rupee was cited as the “reason” for more economic crime against India.

Supposedly, according to the propaganda machine; the real “culprit” for India’s current-account deficit was (surprise! surprise!) India’s gold imports. As soon as India’s government succumbed to blackmail, and blocked its gold imports, the rupee (magically) began to rise in value, and the “current-account crisis” dissipated.

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