A United Eurasia: the Globalist Elites’ Worst Nightmare

from The Wealth Watchman

The Emerging Alliance

My brothers, I’ve tried to lay out many articles here at the “Truth HQ”, which deal with the strategy and importance of the “Eastern Bloc”, those countries that have arisen to stand tall against the banking beast of the West.  Their membership is growing more numerous by the day, and their accomplishments, in such a short space of time, have done humanity such a great service, by breaking the U.S./U.K. stranglehold on both the financial system, and on the world military scene.

This strategy of theirs is nuanced, and highly-organized, encompassing several continents, numerous currencies, and which is blending needed solutions that have a foot in the political, as well as the economic, and cultural.  The BRICS, as we have seen, is one of the main arms of this new Eastern geopolitical alliance.

The BRICS, though formed less than a decade ago, are already changing the world and changing the course of history, for the better.  Yet, the globalist Western powers are not taking this new challenge lying down!

Schemers Gonna Scheme!

The City of London, and DC, are constantly scheming, constantly fomenting wars, coups, hatching terror plots, all in order to divide and conquer the East.  Spreading division and death, is more than a hobby for them, it’s a passion!  It’s a way of life!  In the grand scheme though, not all the servants of the dark powers have had equal standing.  Some schemers are, “gifted”, shall we say?  They’re touched by an extra, special, evil intelligence, and thusly, have become more indispensable to elite than others.

Take, for instance, this low-life servant of the bankster Dark Lords:

SD Bullion

Brothers, you know that old phrase,  “you can’t judge a book by its cover”?

You do?  Oh, good!  Scrap it!

Because if you’re thinking:

“Whoa Watchman, that guy looks like he’d drown a baby kitten with his bare hands, just for the thrill of it!”,

You’d be absolutely, dead-on right!

Some people you can read, just by looking through their eyes, into the window of their soul.  He’s one of them.  As this man’s soul is surely, a vapid, desolate wasteland, tortured with thoughts of hate, fear, envy, and murder.  

His name is Zbigniew Brzezinski(pronounced Bruh-zin-skee), and his hilarious vocational description of “politician, critic” on wikipedia is….erm, somewhat misleading.

A more apt vocational description of his hidden talents might include a laundry list of traits, like: Terrorist Mastermind, Extortionist, Trustee and Founder of the Trilateral Commission, War-monger Extraordinaire, Torture and Deep State Apologist, Expert Liar, and just an all-around, Irredeemable, Shadow Government puppeteer!

In fact, this dude has been livin’ the “Thug Life”, since the days you were in your PJ’s, watching Saturday morning cartoons!  Come to think of it, you probably saw a pretty close caricature of him in those cartoons too, if you watched RoadRunner shorts growing up.

For just like Wile E. Coyote, ever the schemer, and self-proclaimed, “super genius”, this man eats, drinks, breaths, and sleeps one thing: carving up and eating the RoadRunner!  

Except for him, the RoadRunner, which he lives to destroy, is Russia!

The Bird he wants to dominate is the Eastern Bloc!

And the fledgling dream he seeks to strangle in its baby crib…..is a united Eurasia!    

Yes, “Wile E. Brzezinski” has a serious “tick” in his gears upstairs, for just as the Coyote in the old cartoons couldn’t seem to shake his RoadRunner obsession, no matter what he did, or where he was…

Zbigs dream

Brzezinski’s tortured soul dreams about dominating and destroying Eurasian sovereignty.  It is literally all. he. thinks. about…morning, noon, and night!

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington

A Life of Organized Crime

This guy is one of the most wicked, maniacal monsters planet earth has to offer!  We’re talking high-octane evil! He’s spent literally decades of his life, scheming and trying to formulate the best, strategic way, that the two-headed Western banking Dragon can sow chaos, discord and disunity among the peoples of the East.

Except, whereas the Coyote used things, like:

Acme Anvils

Acme anvil


Acme rocket

Or Wing Suits….to obtain his prey.

Acme Wingsuit

“Wile E. Brzezinski”prefers using more…”nuanced” forms of engagement, like Acme political coups, false flags, and wars!

Wholesome, feel-good things like that sure make this crafty, old coot smile up a storm!  See?


(oh gosh, now he looks even meaner!)


For example, ya know how the modern “Madrasa Movement” sprang up in the 80’s in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which reoriented and radicalized many in the Islamic world, directly contributing to the worldwide terror threat from swell organizations such as ISIS, Al-Nusra, or Al-Qaeda in the Islamic world today?

Yeah…that was totally ole “Wile E. Brzezinski’s” idea!  Here he is, training Mujahideen fighters, telling them about the “justness” of their cause.  Presh!

Zbig and Osama

In fact, the man brags about it openly, as if he was showing you a picture of his grandson!  His creation of a modern, revived, radical Islamic movement is the shiny, “1st Place” Tee-ball trophy on his mantle, a precious family heirloom!

Not only that, but he actively helped lure the Soviet Union into Afghanistan, hoping that war would break out, and he was thrilled when it did!  He wanted to mire down the Soviets in an unwinnable war(never mind that the war cost millions of actual lives!), in order to establish his masters in the City of London and DC, as the unrivaled superpower on earth.

Please understand, it wasn’t communism that he and his globalist masters hated!  Indeed, the globalists have taken many pages from the play books of fascism and communism.  The banksters don’t hate tyranny, after all, that’s their bread and butter!  No, they hate the thought of someone running a criminal enterprise which they themselves don’t run from the top.  That’s all the Cold War was about: removing a competitor, not freeing the world.

From hatching illegal operations like Operation Gladio, or Operation Gladio 2, to hyping up false flags, to lighting the geopolitical tinderbox, in the hopes of starting a New Cold War, this man’s very existence has been to drum up conflict on false pretenses, while pretending he wants peace!  All with the intent of removing ‘up-and-coming’ challengers to his beloved “New World Order”(which is really just the same, old bankster Order that the world has known for several centuries now).

But just when you thought, “geez, this man couldn’t possibly get any more cuddly!”….let me tell you that he also absolutely adores the police, torture, and surveillance state, too!  He’s been one of the premiere defenders of the NSA’s blanket spying of planet earth!  In fact, he recently called Edward Snowden an “objective traitor”, and when asked whether or not civil liberties had been hurt in the United States by the NSA’s activities, his response was:

“I doubt that civil liberties in any significant fashion, have been compromised.”

Yes, the man’s lying skills are the stuff of legend, and go beyond the rookie status of “pathological”.  His lies are in a league of their own, because he’s always “in character”, and never breaks, flinches, or deviates from his pre-conceived script!  His delivery is flawless! Whatever it takes to subdue Eurasia, is what he’s already formulating his next several books and think tanks around!

Ok, Watchman, that’s like half a dozen times you’ve mentioned this term, “Eurasia”.  What is Eurasia, and why the heck would folks like “Zbig” care about it?

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