Gun Owners: Critical knowledge to protect yourself from gun confiscation

By Guiles Hendrik, Last Minute Survival

We Will Not Be Disarmed

We Will Not Be Disarmed

If you own a short-barreled rifle (SBR) or other controlled device such as a suppressor or have any registered firearm, this article has critical information for you.  As you should be well aware, more and more states are beginning to confiscate firearms for the smallest of infractions.  In fact, one may only need to say the wrong thing during a doctor’s visit or have you child play with a water pistol in public to trigger the police visiting your house with a warrant to confiscate your firearms.  Furthermore, if you own an SBR or Class III firearm/component, you can be inspected at any time.  To protect yourself and your firearms, every gun owner should follow the practices listed below. 

First of all, guns that are not registered and unknown are very difficult to confiscate.  If you do not have a registered firearm, there is no record for the police to link to.  Even if you had to seek treatment for PTSD or depression, you could at least not stress that the police may unfairly deem you mentally unfit and confiscate your firearms because you have no record of owning a gun.  However, this still doesn’t protect you from being unable to make future purchases.

Second, never put all of your eggs in one basket.  I am an advocate of safes, safe rooms, and secure storage of valuable items, but I find the best security in not letting others know what you have, keeping those items well hidden, and keeping those items spread over a large area.  In the event of a robbery or gestapo confiscation, you may lose some of your weapons, but it is highly unlikely you will lose all of your guns.  Further, it makes it more likely that in an emergency, you will be able to have quicker and easier access to a firearm if they are distributed.  In later posts, I will describe in detail important caching techniques that anyone trying to protect their valuables should know.

Third and critical for owners of Class III, SBR, and or registered firearms, NEVER mix storage of registered weapons with unregistered weapons.  Store your unregisterd weapons separately, make sure they are dispersed beyond your primary residence and property, and are well hidden.  I can’t stress this enough.  If you have items such as an SBR that can be subject to inspection at any time, make the investment in a small safe and place it very close to the main entrance of your home.  If you have the money for a can or SBR, you can buy a cheap, but adequate safe.  Then, only store your Class III items in that safe and nothing else so that if the ATF or other officer comes to inspect those weapons, they have access only to those weapons and no further entry into your home or search of your belongings can be justified.  This prevents situations that may arise where an overzealous officer decides to “create” criminal charges via the plain sight doctrine of warrants or happens to find an “unregistered” firearm in a quasi-communist state such as New York or Maryland.  I can’t count the number of times what amounted to an illegal search for a single “registered” firearm led to an entire collection of “unregistered” firearms being seized because they were collocated.  If you have other registered firearms, you can either place them in a separate co-located safe or in the same one.  This is critical in the event a search warrant is issued to confiscate your firearms.  The warrant will have to stipulate what the search is for and this would include the specific firearms you are suspected of having in your possession at that specific time, which will be based on their records.  If upon entry, all of the registered firearms are located by the police at your front door, further search of the premise is going to be much more difficult to justify as the limit and scope of the warrant may have been achieved.  Even if the warrant allows for a full search of the premise, defense attorneys will be able to make it very difficult for officers to demonstrate probably cause that firearms beyond what were registered existed and that the search beyond that was a constitutional 4th Amendment search.  Follow these guidelines and you won’t be immune from confiscation, but can most likely be assured the gestapo will not seize all of your firearms.

Finally, I reference back to my first point.  Police find it very difficult to confiscate weapons they don’t know you have.  The government of course hates this and has done everything it can to try to force registration of all firearms.  In particular, the government and well-funded special interest groups have been deliberately conducting a propaganda campaign to create a mental connection between guns and crime in the public mind.  This psyop is designed to demonize not just all guns, but gun owners and train a generation of Americans that guns…even the mere shape of one in a Pop-Tart, equal criminals and terrorists and therefore any gun must be bad and the police must be informed.  From this baseline of mental conditioning that guns and their owners are implicitly evil, it makes it quite easy for the government to then justify and implement registration and confiscation schemes.

The government hates unregistered firearms the most because it makes complete control of a population far more difficult.  As such, elements within our government and international organizations such as the United Nations will be doing everything they can to usurp the will of the population and the Constitution.  They will doggedly continue to force all firearms to be registered, banned, and confiscated (and usually in that order) even if done asymmetrically.  We are seeing this asymmetric approach in schools where any mention of firearms leads to students be harshly punished while other students are urged to snitch on their parents.  Worse yet, doctors trusted with your most personal information are now being exploited and forced through Obamacare and a national healthcare database to provide information that is currently being exploited to seize firearms without any due process.  The most insidious cases involve Veterans Administration doctors that treat veterans with issues related to depression and PTSD and then turn around and order their firearms seized.  Nothing could be more chilling to an effort to get veterans support they need.  To turn around and tell the man that spent a career carrying a rifle to protect us is now no longer fit to be around gun because he asked for some help is criminal and can only lead to far worse outcomes.

Not only do I recommend you take the actions I outlined to mitigate the damage of a possible unwarranted confiscation, but I would urge all of you to contact your local, state, and federal representatives to demand this madness is stopped.  At the local level, insist your local law enforcement block frivolous confiscation efforts and ensure your school boards are stocked with pro-gun leadership that will push back against the efforts to demonize firearms.  At the state level, repeal and prevent all attempts to register and ban firearms.  Make sure records are destroyed and that healthcare records remain private and stipulate through law that only “after” due process has occurred could a court order confiscation of firearms.  At the federal level, private medical data must be protected by law and must be firewalled from law enforcement queries.  Our veterans in particular need our help.  The law should be revised to ensure that any veteran seeking mental health support will not be subject to firearms confiscation and other such punishment.  As it is now, the bar is far too low in allowing an overzealous bureaucrat to decide without due process who and who is not “fit” to possess a firearm.

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