Russia has an ‘ACE’, the same ACE, WINTER

from syynergy7 One thing that Russia has in it’s favor is the same thing Russia always has had in it’s favor throughout the ages and that is a COLD, LONG WINTER. It is doubtful that the current drop in oil prices will be able to be maintained for long. The current extreme drop in oil prices has been hurting Russia financially and putting Russia on the brink of financial disaster. This is also because Vladimir Putin never attempted to diversify Russian industry and only planed on high oil prices to continue. But high oil prices may come back with a vengeance. There are other scientist that are predicting global cooling and a new mini ice age versus the widely accepted global warming theories and models. An increase in underwater volcanoes, a diminished magnetic strength of the earth and also the sun itself going into a much cooler phase is already taking it’s toll on the earth in the form of a much winter worldwide. Across the global, many nations and areas are reporting record snowfalls.

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