COPS SHOT in NY – LEAD UP to MARTIAL LAW – or – they’ll be SORRY NOW

from David Vose The Two Police Shot in New York has the whole world in panic. Is this what they want? If a Mass murder at a middle school didn’t give them what they wanted, gun control. And, if a Bomb in Boston didn’t cause nation wide Martial law, yet. How about a series of Police being Shot by civilians. This will be the war on America. The Police will not say, oh, we are sorry, we won’y murder your people in the streets anymore. No. They will just order MORE tanks and More Cops to patrol and rough us up. They will now declare that if an officer tells you to stand at attention and show your papers, you will do so immidiately or, you will be shot on the spot. No questions asked. It is only going to take a few more incidents before we will feel the pressure. We must not fight fire with fire. lets use Love and the facts, lets demonstrate peacfully and stop voting these people into office. We need to organize friends.

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